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Burk's Surrender
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Beck's Peace
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Welcome Dear Friend,

I hope you enjoyed a grand summer! Did you travel to any exotic destinations or hang out at home and enjoy precious time with the kids or grandkiddos? We mostly stuck close to home, only venturing to DC and various Kansas City Barbeque sanctioned events since hubby’s a judge. In between trips, I enjoyed hugging on our grandkiddos. It’s so hard to believe Young Miss started high school and our Little Man is a Kindergartener!

Who loves autumn? Raising my hand here. It’s my favorite season. I enjoy all those plump pumpkins spilling over the steps of front porches, cheering for the Carolina Panthers, the sound of dried leaves crackling under my shoes, and hanging out with my family. And when the first scent of burning firewood drifts in on a brisk breeze, I know it’s time to pull out the sweaters and kiss summer farewell.

Grab a cup of coffee and browse my books page. You’ll see I’ve been busy. Always a good thing, right? I hope you’ll find something that interests you. If not, jot me an email at Dora@DoraHiers.com and let me know what you’d like to read in a book.

What’s going on with you? I’d love to know!

Thanks for stopping by, dear friend. I hope you’ll come back often. Enjoy autumn!

With all my love,

Dora Hiers


“There's so much more to a book than just the reading.” ~Maurice Sendak


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