Rori's Healing
Rori's Healing
Coming June 5
Pelican Book Group

Beck's Peace
Beck's Peace
Coming July 24 with
Pelican Book Group



Welcome Dear Friend,

Summer is here! Maybe not officially, but the ninety degree temperatures that descended over NC in May are proof enough for me. I don’t need a date proclaiming summer, do you?

Especially when I step outside and feel the warmth on my bare legs and arms after months of layers. And what a hive of activity right outside our door. The hum of bees, twitter of squirrels, pecking of birds on windows (yes, we finally put a stop to that with our new owl guard!), the drone of lawn mowers. And don’t you just love the scent of freshly cut grass? It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Everything is just so…green! The color of life. What do you enjoy most about summer?

Why don’t you grab a tall glass of iced tea and join me on the deck for a breather? Sit back and relax. Let’s catch up.

2015 has been busy so far, but it’s about to get crazy busy. When Hope Rises released in May with Pelican Book Group, and Rori’s Healingis just days away from her birthday onJune 5! Yowza! And I can’t wait for you to meet Rori’s brothers, the Harmon twins, Beck and Burk. Did I mention how, while writing, I was forever mixing their names? At one point, I was afraid that Beck would somehow be forever tied to his twin’s sweetheart and vice versa. lol. You’ll meet the twins very soon: Beck’s Peacereleases on July 24, and Burk’s Surrender on September 18.

Amidst the swirl and buzz of new book releases, I’m still plugging along on Roping the Daddy, the last book in my Kester Ranch series, three sweet romances with cowboys, kids, and Kooliesset on a Texas ranch.

That’s a wrap for me. What’s going on with you? Any travel plans? Jot me an email at I’d love to know!

Thanks for stopping by, dear friend. I hope you’ll come back often. Enjoy the sunshine!

With all my love,

Dora Hiers


“There's so much more to a book than just the reading.” ~Maurice Sendak


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