Live? Or die?

Cancer. Terminal. Weeks, maybe months to live.

Each one of us has an appointment with death. That’s a fact of life. But, now, not later, much later? What would I do if I heard those words? Would I continue working, attempting to maintain some type of normalcy in my life? Or would I hole up at home, depressed, discouraged, waiting to die? Would I take that trip to the Holy Land, something I’ve only thought about doing until now? Would I read the Bible from front to back, not just concentrate on my favorite parts? Pray more? Would I do anything differently?

What if my beloved husband heard those words? Would he relinquish his demanding, stressful job or continue working? Would I give up my writing to spend precious extra time with him? Would I treat him with more compassion because he’s ill and resist the urge to say “it’s not all about you?” Would I laugh at his sarcastic jokes rather than roll my eyes? Would we turn off the tv and spend that time talking or snuggling? Would I take him on his dream vacation to Antartica (not mine, thank you very much!)? Did I wake up this morning, kiss him, and whisper, “I love you” in his ear?

We cherish sunrises, shooting stars, waves crashing against the sand, beautiful mountains, colorful sunsets, a glorious full moon, hugs, touching a newborn babe’s fingers and toes, every breath we take…they’re all gifts from a loving God. A God who loves you and wants a “forever” relationship. But, He leaves the choice to you. A forever with Him. Or without.

So…which will you choose? To live? Or die?

Cancer. Terminal. Weeks, maybe months to live. I choose a forever with God. What would you choose?

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