Chelsea Hammond ~ What a Character!

Ever found a teenager hiding in your barn? Um, not making out, but actually hiding? The cowering in a stall, brandishing a pitchfork, kind of hiding?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.  

Hi, I’m Chelsea Hammond. An ordinary woman with dreams budding in my heart and grief choking me from my past. But it’s time to move on, to push toward the dreams and let go of the past. That’s what I hoped to do by opening Journey’s End, a shelter for troubled teens, in honor of my late husband. 

Did you catch that? Hoped? Because I didn’t expect my first arrival, Jake, to be the son of my husband’s murderer, scared and running for his life. Or to call in the marshals office because Jake wants to testify against his father. And who shows up? Trey Colten. The guy in charge of the undercover operation that killed my husband. Trey claims his job is to protect me. Ha! God definitely has a sense of humor!

If Trey thinks I’m going to sit around and twiddle my thumbs waiting for Jake’s father to show up, he’s mistaken. I don’t need his protection. And although I may be ready for another relationship, especially with a guy who helps with the dishes and feeds my animals, it won’t be with another law enforcement officer. Or will it? Did I mention he makes killer hot chocolate?

I hope you enjoyed meeting Chelsea Hammond from Journey’s End. To check out the fabulous reviews or to purchase Journey’s End, please visit  White Rose Publishing or Amazon.

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