Conferences…or routine?

August is all about conferences in our family. As a fire chief, hubby attends two conferences, and they’re both in August. The first is a regional conference, always in Raleigh, and the second’s an international one held in different cities across the US. This week we’re in Raleigh; next week, Chicago.

I enjoy traveling, but I confess I tend to be more of a “routine” kinda gal.
I mean, really. Raleigh and Chicago offer some spectacular sights, but what can beat the view from our back deck?

And hotel coffee doesn’t compare to the strong brew I make at home.
This week we were able to bring along our baby, but next week, we’ll have to leave him at home. He’s skiddish about getting in an elevator. I can’t imagine how he’d be after being forced into the belly of a plane. 

I’ll miss the big baby next week.

And my writing?

Usually, I write from my office every day. No music. No distractions. No noise. Just the way I like it. But that means conferences stretch my comfort zone, 
take me out of my normal writing environment. 
Which means my word count comes to a screeching halt.

So, every August I’m faced with a difficult decision.
Conferences…or routine?
Traveling with hubby or staying at home to write?

Hmmm…not a no-brainer for me. I choose him.

What about you? 
What brings you out of your comfort zone? 
Are you a routine kinda person or do you like to shake things up?
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20 thoughts on “Conferences…or routine?

  1. I'm a routine girl through and through. If I can't get my routine done then the whole day is thrown off and I feel weird. However, I do love to travel which isn't routine at all. And when I do travel I plan as much as possible to allow for my routine 🙂


  2. I spent my last year in the corporate world on the world, away from my wife and home. That was enough! We don't travel without each other now. And yep, we like our routines! And I like my strong coffee.

    What about you and conferences? I went to the Blue Ridge Conference this year in Asheville. It was wonderful!


  3. Now you're talking, J'nell! Same here. I try to stick to my routine, as much as I can, but writing-wise, I'm all discombobulated. Thanks for stopping in. Headed to your place next. 🙂


  4. I hear ya, Tom. I can't imagine a job that took me constantly away from home or hubby. Ew.

    I attended Blue Ridge in 2010 (I think!) and loved it! ACFW was on the agenda for this year, until another trip took precedence. For 2014, I'm debating between RWA, ACFW or a second round to Blue Ridge. What about you in 2014?


  5. I love traveling! It gives me new ideas to write about. But I've had enough traveling this summer. I'm really looking forward to getting back to the “routine” this week.

    Love the picture of your baby. 🙂


  6. I have a job where things can change in a moment. I like to have an agenda for the time, but often, something happens and I must deal with that rather than my planned out day. So, routine is good, but it can also be boring. But on the other hand, when the sudden changes interfere with work that has a deadline, I get stressed.


  7. And head for the ice cream, where we can hang out together! lol. I had one of those jobs, Barbara, where I could never remember where I was supposed to be that morning until I checked my calendar. It becomes a way of life, doesn't it? So that schedule is your routine. Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Conferences overwhelm me, too. It's so tempting for me to hide in my room away from the noise and bustle. I hope this year I'll be more attentive in my classes and bring home new skills! I think I'll eventually get used to them if I keep trying. I'm definitely into my routine. Big time. I love peace and conferences aren't peaceful, are they? Glad to know I'm not alone!


  9. Oh, that's me, too, Karla. I love to discover cozy little nooks for my quiet time, but in some cities/conferences, those are tough to track down.

    Which conference did you go to, Karla? And which one do you plan to attend?


  10. Awww…that's so sweet, Nancy! My hubby's the same way! He retired with one fire dept, and is working with a second, but I'm not sure I'll ever convince him to retire.


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