4 thoughts on “Vacations…

  1. I have always love traveling. My first trip was in 1958 ( I was 5) . We flew from Puerto Rico to NYC and I got hooked. I have been blessed to have travel many places in the world – Russia 2x- Japan 4x- Kenya, Central and South America, Egypt, Israel 2x, Greece 3x , France 4x . USA states etc. Each experience was like opening a history book . I tend to mingle with the locals, try the markets and at least learn a couple of words ( thank you and bathroom LOL) . Once you show respect for their culture and their language, the locals open their minds and hearts .


    • The most important words! lol. I agree. Travel has been an eye-opening experience for me, and I’m game to go most places. You’ve been to so many places, Yvonne. Impressive! Do you have any trips planned now?


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