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A leaky sink. An orphaned puppy. A naval officer who wants a second chance. Will love and faith win Arden’s heart? Or has that ship already sailed…

Arden Mayhall doesn’t know what to do with her life anymore. Approaching sixty, it’s not as if she can go out and find a job to fill the time she used to spend caring for her beloved husband. Her degree in early childhood education was helpful for raising her children and nurturing her family, but now her adult children and adorable grands don’t need her as much. So, what now? Since her husband’s passing, time, once a precious commodity, she has in abundance, and her faith, once strong and sure, wavers.

After losing his wife to a drunk driver, retired naval officer Sawyer Ransom decides to start fresh in secluded Reunion Ridge. He’d visited the scenic North Carolina mountain town several times in the past but hasn’t been back since breaking things off with his first love. Career military, he couldn’t ask Arden to wait for him to return home from his second deployment or even to consider the life of a military spouse. The woman belonged in the small town, close to her family, while his career spanned continents.

A leaky sink, an orphaned puppy, and a family in need throw them together again. Will Arden give him a second chance to show how well their lives fit together now? Will love and faith win her heart or has that ship already sailed?

Heart’s Ransom, a heartwarming and clean, mature-age Christian romance, is Book 2 in The Potter’s House Books Series Three. Stories of ‘hope, redemption and second chances.’ Read all of The Potter’s House Books and be blessed.

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