You might’ve wandered in the wilderness for a time…

Waverly Parks isn’t living her best life. Far from it. Selling occasional pieces of art doesn’t pay the bills like her wedding hairstyling business, but being around blissful brides every weekend makes her regret breaking up with her high school sweetheart. No man has ever measured up to Hudson Tanner with his solid faith and fierce loyalty to family and friends. So, when a friend begs her to come home for a Christmas Inn wedding gig, Waverly agrees. Maybe visiting the small town for the holidays will make her appreciate New York’s eclectic and expensive vibe, and she can finally slam the door on that chapter for good.

On the short list of candidates for a promotion to Deputy Police Chief, Hudson Tanner can’t afford any distractions. So, when the woman who broke his heart over a decade ago shows up in town right before Christmas, igniting bittersweet memories of moonlit walks on the North Pole Bridge and summertime swims at the waterfall, he considers arresting her for disturbing the peace. His peace! How’s he supposed to focus on the most important interview of his career with the kaleidoscope of holiday lights shimmering off her golden hair and her sweet spirit taking his heart captive again? But there’s an arsonist on the loose, keeping his firefighter brother busy, his other brother on his knees in prayer, and Hudson crazy with worry about protecting Waverly from danger.

As Hudson pursues the arsonist, his genuine faith and desire for justice sparks an unexpected response in Waverly. A yearning to return to Hope Creek. A renewal of her faith. A fierce longing for a lifetime with this amazing man. Will this Christmas be a season of reckoning, of renewal, and second chances? Or more loss and shattered hearts…

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A homebody. A lawyer stuck at home. Will God work a holiday miracle and bring them together on UNcommon ground?

Raney Mayhall’s career stalled before it ever started. Stuck back in her tiny hometown during the pandemic, she’s forced to wait until her D.C. law firm reopens to begin her new life. So instead of decorating a fancy row house for Christmas, she’s living in her childhood home with her mother and brother. With a looming six-digit tuition loan and no salary, what choice does she have? And how exactly can she protect her heart with her brother’s best friend turning up everywhere like he’s the small-town hero? Instead of the declaration of love she’d secretly hoped for, Mac had sent her off to college with a broken heart.

Macallister “Mac” Lindscott never told Raney the real reason he couldn’t leave Reunion Ridge. Besides, what was wrong with wanting to know the people he bumped shoulders with every day on the way to work? That he’d rather hike the ten minutes to his coffee shop, breathing in fresh air and appreciating the enchanting holiday decorations lining the streets versus navigating a ten-lane interstate or suffocating among all that glass and concrete. Everything he needed was right here. His family. Lifelong friends. A supportive community and church. A job he loved. Everything…except Raney. But she’d always longed for bigger and better. Not…simple and faithful. Like him.

Will Reunion Ridge captivate her with its Christmas charm or will she leave him in the dust once the law firm in D.C. calls her to work? Will God work a holiday miracle and bring them together on UNcommon ground?