Awesome morning = Coffee and time in the best book EVER written

coffee Dora Hiers Fiction Faith & Foodies

Want to know my secret recipe to have an awesome morning?

Start with one strong cup of coffee. If you’d like, you can add another.

Combine with sweet time in the Word, the best book EVER written

For added flavor, mix in some of your favorite worship music

Let it all simmer for about thirty minutes.

Voila! One awesome morning!

What’s your secret recipe for an awesome morning?

Coffee…one of the greatest inventions ever

coffee Dora Hiers Fiction Faith & Foodies

So, yeah, I like coffee, one of the greatest inventions EVER.

I’m definitely a coffee person versus tea. But only in the mornings. Afternoons are a different story. Give me an iced tea (or two or three or four) any afternoon and I’m good, winter or summer.

But coffee does an amazing job of jolting my eyelids open in the mornings. Just thinking about that smell, that first sip…

What about you? What’s your morning power drink?