Fugitive by Shirlee McCoy ~ Sharing My Review

About the Book~


When she opens her door to a wounded, handcuffed stranger, Laney Jefferson is terrified…until she recognizes her unexpected visitor. Thirteen years ago, Logan Randal was there for her when she desperately needed a friend. Now the wrongfully convicted lawman needs the widow’s help. On the run from the law and guided only by Laney’s unswerving faith in Logan’s innocence, their mutual attraction begins to break down the barriers around Laney’s heart. But the real culprit is much closer than they imagine…a cunning enemy determined to keep the past—and the truth—buried forever.

In my humble opinion~
Sheriff Logan Randal, framed and wrongfully convicted, is on his way to prison when someone ambushes and shoots the guards. Injured and rapidly freezing in a snowstorm, Logan makes his way to a cabin, the killer on his trail. Laney Jefferson, old friend and foster sister, now a widow, intends to wipe her hands of her past, including selling her family’s old house. When Logan arrives at her cabin needing medical attention, Laney refuses his pleas for her to leave. How could she leave him to die when he’d given up so much to protect her years ago

Three people jeopardize their careers and risk their lives to aid Logan, a fugitive from the law, while they track down a killer. I had a little difficulty buying into the plot, but that said, the author did a fabulous job getting me past that initial hesitation. Immediately, McCoy pulls you into the danger, and from the beginning, Logan was actually protecting people, first the injured guard and then Laney, by insisting that she leave. The author did a great job setting up a framework of close friends who believed and trusted in Logan’s innocence that they were willing to help. Every time someone came on board to help, he made sure they knew the risk. Also, since Logan and Laney had a past, initially Laney felt she owed him. 

Obviously, the plot issue wasn’t serious enough to make me stop reading. Just to pause and think about what I’d do if I were in the same situation. Had Logan done for me what he did for Laney (don’t we all wish fictional characters were real-life friends??), I probably would have made the same choice. 

McCoy plops you into the action, pulls your heartstrings to connect you with her characters, and tugs you into their world of danger. I enjoyed hanging out with Logan and Laney for a few hours, hoping they could find peace for their hurting hearts and cheering them on to their happily-ever-after. Fugitive is extremely fast-paced, a book you can probably read in one sitting, but if you’re like me, you’ll want to savor it over a couple nights. Overall, a very enjoyable read.

Fugitive will release on May 7 with Love Inspired Suspense. You can pre-order it here.

Disclaimer: Sending a big thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and unbiased review.

This review begs a question. 
Would you be willing to risk your freedom to protect an old friend who deserved your loyalty if you knew they were a fugitive?