Excited about Reading…

Or not!

Know the last date I posted a book review? October 13th!

Yikes! How can that be? I love to read!

Lately, though, I’m battling the reading “ho hum’s.” Usually, while hubby watches TV in the evenings, I read. But recently, I’m quite content to veg out in front of the television with him. I can even spout off all the latest sports news. Big Al with the Charlotte Hornets is out with an injury, but they haven’t missed a beat. Have you watched them play? Pure poetry on the court! The Carolina Panthers are smokin’ hot! Jeff Gordon said goodbye to racing at the close of this season, and Tony Stewart retires next year. (Bummer!) Sadly, I can’t recall the names of the characters of the current book I’m reading. Or not reading. 🙂

It’s not for lack of trying. How many books have I picked up since October? But they just seem to fade on my kindle. What’s up with that?

Do you ever feel like you’re bombarded with books?

NetGalley overwhelmed me, with all those wonderful looking books calling my name. But I finally surrendered and stopped requesting books because the pressure to write a review by the release date just added to the stress of reading. Also, I download all the freebies that sound interesting, but that just bloats my kindle. Used to be, I panicked when my TBR stack ran low. Not now. I’m stressing because of too many! 


What’s my problem? I want to read. I just can’t seem to make myself follow through with an actual book.

Maybe, after months and months of editing, I’m just plain burned out on reading. Now that I finally uploaded Roping the Marshalmy second self-pubb’d book, and can move on to finish writing the third, I’m not sure I’ll remember how to actually create. lol. 

Or could it be that since I juggle writing Christian romance and mainstream contemporary romance now I fall between the reading cracks? Seems every mainstream book I pick up, I reach the 30% mark and ram right into a sex scene. 

Remove from device! 

Many Christian books seem too tame, borderline preachy, while contemporary romances ratchet my spice-ometer past acceptable.

Help!! Do you go through reading slumps? How do you get your reading mojo back?

Here’s how I hope to spend my weekend. How about you?
Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Happy reading!