Happy Book Birthday!

A snow storm. A warm cozy fire. Two hearts that desperately need grace and healing and a Christmas miracle.

Christmas on Mistletoe Mountain by Dora Hiers

Happy Book Birthday!

After college, Kane Kirkland returned home to Mistletoe Mountain a changed man, fifty pounds lighter and a new Christian. Six years later, with a successful real estate career and a fresh boost of confidence, all he wants for Christmas is a chance at love with longtime crush Sydney. Something happened to his friend while he was away. Something dark and life-altering ripped the joy from her spirit. And he intends to find out what…

After a disastrous relationship unraveled Sydney Camden’s life, broken and devastated, she gave up all hope for her happily-ever-after. Those silly fantasies belonged only in romance novels, not in real life. Besides, who has time for love? Her life is crazy busy caring for a disabled father and volunteering at Grace Nest, a home for pregnant teens. But then Kane turns up the heat. The gentle giant has always attracted her, but the idea of loving and losing her friend terrifies her. Because when he learns about her hidden sin, surely he’ll vanish from her life forever.

A snowstorm forces them together and unleashes their fears. Kane worries if Syd still sees him as the overweight kid from their past and questions whether a future together is God’s will or his most treasured dream. Syd wrestles the demon of lies as she relives horrendous memories.

Grace Nest…where broken hearts heal, chains are loosened, and hope is restored. Where love finds its way home during Christmas.

Another Heart-Racing, God-Gracing Romance from inspirational Christian romance author, Dora Hiers.

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Where Wishes Live by Dora Hiers

“So, why are you here?”

Confusion tightened her forehead. “What do you—”

“Come on, Camille. If you want more out of your relationship, why are you here—” he waved a hand toward the family room “—and not in Italy?”

“Who said I wanted more?”

“You don’t?” Hope cranked its rusty engine and roared to life.

“I’m…I’m not sure.” Pink swallowed her cheeks and moisture hugged her lashes. “He asked me to marry him, but I need time. Time to figure out who I am and what I want.”

She’d had a decade to figure out those things, and yet she’d run home, to him. Wonder tingled in his toes and worked its way north. Thank You, Lord!

Where Wishes Live

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Where Wishes Live, a winter wonderland where wishes come to life…

After ten years abroad, renowned chef Camille Tulane is back in the good ole USA. Good? Ha! The only good memories were her family’s annual holiday pilgrimages to Tennessee, and hanging out with the handsome Chase Kirkland. Now, her ambitious Italian boyfriend’s proposal has her running scared. She has one month to prep their vacation house for sale, one month to give Antonio an answer. But she doesn’t need that long. Not when Chase smiles at her like that…

Chase Kirkland regrets letting Camille fly away, but he couldn’t clip her angel wings. She’d never be happy in small town Steepleview, and he couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, especially not since buying Where Wishes Live, the winter resort where they met. When Camille fills in for the pregnant resort chef, suddenly those angel wings look like they might have come home to nest, and Chase vows to bring all her wishes to life.

Where Wishes Live…a story of second chances and renewed faith.

Note: Where Wishes Live is a 65-page inspirational novella, a contemporary Christian romance. Previews are also included for two clean and wholesome romances by Tori Kayson, Dora’s pen name for Sweet Romance that Sizzles.


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Curl Up with this Holiday Romance…

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“Do you believe in second chances, Chaney?” His voice rumbled near, tickling the bare skin on her neck.

Was he referring to them? Or to his skating career? The air compressed from her lungs, but somehow she managed to squeeze out a raspy, “Yeah.”

His gaze never left her face, but his fingers moved to toy with the ends of her hair. Sliding the strands through his fingertips, a tic tightened his jaw and his lips firmed into a straight line.

Of its own accord, her palm reached up to cover his cheek, his whiskers scratchy against her skin. It wouldn’t ease the pain or regret over his past choices, but perhaps she could offer small comfort now.

“Do you think we might have a second chance?” His lashes dipped to hide his expression from her. She almost missed the naked vulnerability, the loneliness.

“A second chance at…?” She held her breath, waiting, hoping he wasn’t referring to their Olympic dreams.

“Us.” His lips covered hers, gentle and tentative, soft and tender. When her hand curled around his neck and dragged him closer, he deepened the kiss and slid one arm around her waist while the other cupped her cheek, his thumb wreaking havoc with her pulse.

Oh, dear God in heaven, I love this man. What will I do if he leaves again?

What readers are saying about Christmas in the Rink:
“Tis the season for love, faith and joy and what better way to experience them than by reading this book!” ~ Sally Shupe

“…a marvelous novella that reminds us dreams may be set aside for a reason and forgiveness can heal hearts. A lovely story for the season!” ~ Julie Steele
“Washed up Olympic hopeful looking for part time mechanic’s job.”
Not quite the glamorous life Conner Weddington envisioned during those countless hours of high school skating practices; but after his mother’s untimely death on Christmas Day, Conner joined the Army and left everything behind, including the father who despised his dreams, and his beautiful skate partner, Chaney Mitchum.

Chaney Mitchum understands why Conner left, but he stole her Olympic aspirations along with her heart. She’s never matched that graceful rhythm with another partner, so with her dreams squelched and an adorable niece who requires her attention, Chaney fills her days with diapers and students, not pleasure skating or romance.

Now that Conner’s back in town, will he reclaim the joy he once felt about Christmas and faith? Can Chaney and Conner rediscover their poetic elegance on the ice?

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