Can I Embrace the Future by Relinquishing the Power of Paper?

Future Yesterday's Junk Tori Kayson

It’s that time again. When I purge last year’s files to make room for the new year.

I’m not a hoarder. Really, I’m not.

Dora Hiers organization

Ready for the attic

But I’m beginning to think I’m a dinosaur by keeping copies of paid bills. Who does that anymore? And I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I still maintainĀ a checkbook register. Stop chuckling! lol. At least I don’t carry it around with me anymore. Most bills I pay online, so why keep a paper copy? And, nowadays, debits and credits are so immediate, the need for a register is almost obsolete. Hmmm…

What about you? Do you still hang on to paper copies?

“You cannot embrace your future if you continue to hold on to yesterday’s junk.”