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Pelican Book Group Pure Amore Dora Hiers

Six FREE Pure Amore Romances for Kindle!

Just One Kiss: Wendy Davy

Date Night: Marianne Evans

When Hope Rises: Dora Hiers

At First Sight: Delia Latham

Simple Blessings: Mary Manners

Battle of the Flowers: Clare Revell




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Art teacher Shelby Coltman transforms junk into treasure and longs for a place to showcase her creations. She’s thrilled when her friend volunteers to room with her. Shelby can finally buy a storefront. Unfortunately, Kennedi’s brother can’t seem to let go.
Abandoned as a teenager, guidance counselor Tate Malone has become surrogate and over-protective father to his sister. Life is great until Shelby Coltman wheedles his impressionable sister into sharing an apartment. Raised in wealth, the beautiful Shelby could never understand poverty or rejection, and Tate doesn’t appreciate her uprooting his sister.
When Shelby hands over her savings to a homeless student, will God obliterate Tate’s fears and deliver all of Shelby’s dreams…when hope rises?

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