Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers Summer Blog Tour

The Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers Summer Blog Tour finally arrived at my place!! Yay! Check out my choices for Hot Summer Reads.
Purple Knot by Raquel Byrnes
Reyna, returns to the life she fled to solve her best friend’s murder. Forced to join with her ex-fiance, Jimmy, as their romance relights, so do the memories of the tragedy that tore them apart. Can they stop a killer before it’s too late for a second chance at love? Purple Knot is Raquel’s first book, but you’d never know. Ahhh. What a wonderful romance she weaves in the midst of sleuthing for a murderer! Amazing! I’ll definitely be looking for the sequel, Ruby Dawn. Available through White Rose Publishing. Amazon
A Killer Among Us by Lynette Eason
Oh my stars! Are there really people in the world like this? Yowzee! If you’re looking for a book packed with action and a sprinkling of romance, this book is a must. You’ll find yourself holding your breath as you track down a serial killer with Noah and Kit. Can you guess who The Judge is before he strikes again? Amazon

Marked for Murder by Lauren Nichols
Yeah, yeah. I hear you. So this book isn’t new, but the author’s new to me. Give me a break. Lauren did a great job setting up the conflict between Margo and Cole. The plot kept me interested and guessing the identity of the murderer until close to the end. A perfect balance between suspense and romance, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more books by Lauren Nichols. Amazon

Journey’s End by Dora Hiers
Packed with action and loaded with romance, you might find yourself immersed in what’s happening with Trey and Chelsea and not see the wave threatening to drown your children. Check out the video on the right. A brutal murder…a devastated life rebuilt…where one journey ends, another begins. Sweet, sweet, sweet! A MUST read for the summer. OK, OK. Shameless plug, I know. Available through White Rose Publishing. Amazon

That’s it for me. Take a chance on these books and stop back by here and let me know what you think, OK? Enjoy the rest of your summer! Check out the rest of the blog stops at Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers.

Disclaimer: I purchased each book listed here. No compensation was given for my honest review.

PURPLE KNOT – by Raquel Byrnes available now with White Rose Publishing

A killer strikes. A love rekindled. A life-altering choice.
When her best friend, is murdered, Reyna Cruz doesn’t believe the police have the whole story. An investigator by trade, she has the talent to track Summer’s killer, but when clues lead to a family connection and a vicious gang, she suddenly becomes the hunted. At the end of her rope, Reyna must decide to trust the God she believes abandoned her. 

Wanting justice for his sister’s murder, lawyer Jimmy Corbeau agrees to help Reyna—even though she’s his ex-fiancé, and their break-up devastated him. Romance is reawakened, but so are memories of their tragic undoing. Jimmy must decide if he will fight for a future with Reyna or allow their past to derail the investigation and his second chance at love.
When the investigation goes awry and Summer’s infant daughter is kidnapped, Reyna must put her life on the line. Will Jimmy and Reyna survive the desperate measures it takes to recover his niece, catch a killer, and secure a happily-ever-after for them all?

Read an excerpt…

“Rain, you have to decide what kind of person you’re going to be. I have to know.”
“What are you saying, Jimmy?” Confused I looked at him.
“I’m saying that you’re racing towards a crossroads, and I want to know what path you’re planning to take.”
“Now is not the time for this conversation, Jimmy. We’re chasing a suspect!”
“Now is exactly the time, Rain. I need to know, right now because anything you do out of anger or grief will directly affect me, too!” Jimmy said loudly.
Dread bubbled up into my chest. I tried to answer calmly but I felt control slipping. My throat ached with the words I wanted to shout at him. “Don’t make me do this, Jimmy. Not now.”
“Yes, now, Rain.”
“What do you want me to say?” I shouted. “What do you want to hear?”
“I want to hear that you won’t put your anger ahead of our future. I want to hear that you can walk away from the possibility of revenge.”
“Why…why would I do that?” I looked at Jimmy with wonder.
“Because you’ll destroy us in the process, Rain.” Jimmy reached out and caught the hem of my sweater in his fingers. He looked worried.
“Are you asking me to choose between nailing Parker and loving you?” Anger and confusion whipped through me like a cold wind.
“No. I’m asking you to choose between the hatred boiling in your veins and the grace hanging over your head.”

Raquel Byrnes lives in Southern, California with her husband of sixteen years and their six children. She considers inspirational fiction a wonderful way to minister to others. She writes romantic suspense with an edge-your-seat pace. Her first book the Shades of Hope Series, Purple Knot, released on June 3rd from White Rose Publishing. You can visit her at her website: www.raquelbyrnes.com and her writing blog,Edge of Your Seat Romance.

A Day in the Life of…Raquel Byrnes

As a homeschool mom of six, my day starts off pretty mellow. The kids wake up at their own times, eat and start on their work.  It’s not until the mid-morning hour when all of them are bustling around that the fun really begins.  I sit at my laptop in the classroom and try to do research for my book while simultaneously mixing icing ‘glue’ for our Great Wall of China replica made out of sugar cubes.
Once I have that going, I get the crock pot going with tonight’s meal. Usually some hearty chicken stew…it’s easy and yummy.  Meanwhile the babies have started to feed the water turtle their playdoh, so I fish that out with the pen I was using to jot down some personality quirk ideas for a character in my new work in progress.
I get the babies busy on some coloring, give my high schooler a lecture on Skyping while doing math, and settle down to check my email and Twitter…for two minutes. Because my Jr. Higher needs me to help him look up the average rainfall for Papua New Guinea for his report.  I print out his information, pop on over to my blog, read and answer comments, and start on a new post, but…
I answer a call from my mother who wonders why I never bring her grandkids over anymore (we were there last week) and I flip through the calendar and find a time between my critique group meeting and date night with hubby. I write myself a note on the paper with my character quirks and put it on the fridge as a reminder.
School time over, I put the babies to their nap and sit down to read the last chapter I wrote so I can get ‘in the groove’ of writing. Until my third grader reminds me that we are supposed to be planting the potato he’s been growing with toothpicks and a glass…my GOOD glass? Oh well we get it into the ground and I wash off, pop the bread in the oven and sit down to type…something. Where was I again?
Hubby comes home, dinner and homework are tackled, we put the kids down and I have some coffee on the couch with my sweetheart.  He goes off to grade papers and I settle down at my laptop. Nine-thirty and ready to write.  Now if I could only find my notes on character quirks…
All craziness aside, the Lord has blessed me with the passion to write inspirational romance. Purple Knot is my debut novel, and I am so thankful, Dora, for the opportunity to chat about my family and passion for writing.