Conferences…or routine?

August is all about conferences in our family. As a fire chief, hubby attends two conferences, and they’re both in August. The first is a regional conference, always in Raleigh, and the second’s an international one held in different cities across the US. This week we’re in Raleigh; next week, Chicago.

I enjoy traveling, but I confess I tend to be more of a “routine” kinda gal.
I mean, really. Raleigh and Chicago offer some spectacular sights, but what can beat the view from our back deck?

And hotel coffee doesn’t compare to the strong brew I make at home.
This week we were able to bring along our baby, but next week, we’ll have to leave him at home. He’s skiddish about getting in an elevator. I can’t imagine how he’d be after being forced into the belly of a plane. 

I’ll miss the big baby next week.

And my writing?

Usually, I write from my office every day. No music. No distractions. No noise. Just the way I like it. But that means conferences stretch my comfort zone, 
take me out of my normal writing environment. 
Which means my word count comes to a screeching halt.

So, every August I’m faced with a difficult decision.
Conferences…or routine?
Traveling with hubby or staying at home to write?

Hmmm…not a no-brainer for me. I choose him.

What about you? 
What brings you out of your comfort zone? 
Are you a routine kinda person or do you like to shake things up?
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