Daffodils by Donna B. Snow

Margaret Ellington is not only grief stricken after her husband dies, but guilt ridden as well. Her solution—to run away. She moves away, hoping to escape the memories of her failure as a wife. She vows never to marry again unless she can love with all her heart—and she’ll never be able to do that unless she can finally get over her first love.
Lukas North is determined to reclaim the love he threw away ten years earlier. He’s willing to give Margaret time to recover from losing her husband—but letting her go is not an option.
When Lukas keeps a secret from Margaret about a major career move, she panics. After the mistakes they made in the past, can their relationship be rebuilt on anything less than complete honesty?


Wandering from room to room, she doublechecked everything. Closets were empty, no boxes forgotten. The shadows on the walls outlined stark reminders of where pictures had been. The unfinished projects—a cracked floorboard, chipped molding, a small hole in the plaster, all stared at her accusingly.
Margaret closed her eyes as she clutched the doorframe. Oh, God, why Peter? He was the good one. I’m so sorry, Peter. A tear splashed onto the carpet.
Margaret took a deep breath, wiped her cheek, and stepped into what had been Peter’s sickroom. She walked to the window seat and stared out into the backyard, arms clutched around her middle. There would be no sound of children playing, no sitting on the glider growing old together. She put a hand on the window. If only I could have loved you more—
“Any more, Megs?” Lukas’ footsteps grew louder as he came down the hall.
She wiped away another tear as it dribbled down her cheek.
“Oh, hey, there you are.” He hesitated in the doorway, resting a hand on the frame. He lowered his voice. “You OK?”
She chewed on her bottom lip and nodded, afraid that if he came near her she would collapse in those arms; arms she knew were strong enough to hold her up. Arms she had missed for years. She hated herself for wanting to feel them wrap around her again.
About Donna B. Snow…
I’m over 45 and I’ve stopped counting, but I’ve been happily married for 17 years and hope for many more. Our teenage daughter is an absolute joy and I can only hope it will stay that way. I have two passions – music and writing, and God has blessed me in both. What a joy it is to be able to use the gifts He’s given me to honor and glorify Him in word and song. I’d love to have you join me on this journey.


15 thoughts on “Daffodils by Donna B. Snow

  1. Thanks Dora. It's taken awhile to get here, but I am thrilled to be counted among the ranks of White Rose authors. May God use all our gifts mightily!


  2. Good morning, LoRee. Thanks for visiting. So, now that Rainn on My Parade released, what are you up to? Are you relaxing? Playing catch up? Working on a new book?


  3. Donna, I love that… “I'm over 45 and stopped counting.” 🙂

    I was thinking of you the other day when I was playing Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone. I remember how you mentioned a few years ago that you were playing it in Worship and how much it meant to you.

    What a great reader's loop WRP has– and your a big part of that. Thanks, Donna, for all the years that you've been envolved. Now it's our pleasure to support YOU and your writing endevors.



  4. Donna, this is a wonderful story of hope and a new beginning. Your characters are real. They come alive…Margaret and especially Lukas, who makes my heart skip beats. LOL.

    May God continue to bless you with more stories like these.


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