Awesome "5-book" Review for JOURNEY’S END!

Oh. My. Stars!!
A “5-book” rating from Long and Short Reviews! And…that’s not all.
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Check out this “5-book” review for Journey’s End. Long&Short Reviews

Every year when Chelsea visited her husband’s grave on the anniversary of his death, she sees a man standing in the distance like he was grieving, too. Who was he and how did he know her husband?

Ms. Hiers takes a basic plot and breathes life into it by providing links to the present from the past and throwing in conflict, sexual tension and danger in good quantities. The story is believable, the two main characters are honest and honorable, and a boy’s life is at stake as well as Chelsea’s. The conversations flow well, her characters act like real people do, and the action is intense throughout the entire story.

Chelsea finds a boy in her barn who just happens to be the son of the man who killed her husband. He’s hiding from his father’s men who want to kill him before he can testify at a trial. Then the US Marshals show up. Chelsea’s husband had been a marshal and died because of it. She wants nothing to do with them anymore.

Chelsea is conflicted about wanting to protect the boy and wanting to get rid of the marshals. Trey is assigned to protect her and his partner takes the boy to a safe house. Chelsea and Trey both have issues from the past and don’t want to be involved, but the attraction is certainly there. The banter between two stubborn people who think they know best is entertaining.

This is a Christian themed story and there are Biblical references thrown in at moments of crisis or when the characters are trying to make big decisions. There were situations in this story where I think praying absolutely made sense, and wasn’t intrusive.

I enjoyed this read. I just kept turning pages to see what was going to happen next. You’re not sure how things will end up until you get to the end of the story, and that makes it fun to read.

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  1. I'm half-way through this book right now and completely in love with it. I've already recommended it to my SIL. I can easily see how it earned a “5-book” review!


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