What happens when a hot cowboy turned P.I. falls for the woman he’s hunting? And what if she’s nothing like he expected, everything he’s always wanted, and pushes him towards a faith he’s long since forgotten? Find out in Faithful Danger!

After her husband’s financial crimes and suicide, Caffey Matthews leaves behind her wealthy Manhattan life-knowing her husband’s enemies are in pursuit. Frightened and alone, Caffey hides her identity and finds succor in the remote California ranch land, which helps her to reclaim faith and trust in God.

Believing Caffey is involved in her late husband’s misdeeds, cowboy-turned high-priced private investigator Rhee Ryland arrives in Rancho Lorena ready to haul her back to justice. He doesn’t expect to fall in love with her. Even more surprising is his return to his childhood Lord.

Want to read an excerpt?Locked in the trunk of the car!

Caffey battled to stay calm, to breathe normally, to hold down panic. To conserve air. The compartment wasn’t air tight, but heat and hyperventilation could kill. Lord, keep me safe, she begged. But even knowing He was at her side, she had to figure out what to do by herself.

Breathe deep, slow. Breathe deep, slow. Amazingly, she did know what to do. Everett had borne a pathological fear that one day, either one of them might be kidnapped and held to ransom. Now, he was the abductor. Her lip quivered, and she swallowed tears.

Scrunched into a bundle of bones and hot, tightened skin, she widened her eyes in the darkness to try to detect a glow-in-the-dark-handle. Spirits deflating, she understood the car wasn’t a late model with a required trunk release. Just in case, she groped with her fingers to try for a toggle switch or button.

Nothing. Her heart flew into her throat, and she concentrated on easing the pain in her cramped shoulders. Maybe, just maybe the backseat would fold down. Doubtful she’d find a release in the trunk, she explored anyway with her fingertips, then unsuccessful, tried to unwind her legs enough to push the seat down. It didn’t give a centimeter.

Panic started to roil, but she refused to let it. A Psalm of David dashed through her mind. Keep my soul and deliver me, for I put my trust in You. The words had saved her before, too many times to count, and a smidge of relief skittered through her. The Lord wouldn’t let her face this alone.

Wow! Faithful Danger looks like it packs a punch! Now let’s find out a little about Tanya.

What does a normal workday look like for you? I am lucky to have been able to retire early from my career as a high school English teacher, and I’m more “lark” than “owl,” so early mornings are not really my thing. I like leisurely mornings over the newspaper and coffee with my hubby. I get to the computer about nine thirty a.m. Since I nearly lost him to cancer three years ago, we love hanging out together, and often go to lunch and run errands after I write for a while. Then I get back to it in the afternoon. I also like to ride my Exerbike or actual bike, do Wii yoga, take a walk, or do Zumba (Latin American aerobics) with my neighbor galpals in the afternoon or early evening. I especially enjoy Zumba because writing is pretty isolating.

In general, I don’t have a regular time line for writing or a daily word count goal. I think I’m reacting to the very structured way of life in the high school classroom. I enjoy flexibility now. Of course I am way busy and disciplined when I’ve got a pending deadline. Which I actually do now LOL. The seventh in the Hearts Crossing Ranch Series. My editor and I have fine-tuned the synopsis, and I’ve gotten a good start.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?I’m a bit of both, especially since I sold my HCR series on synopsis. I need to stick with the program…but there are always surprises along the way. Nothing is ever static. I get ideas and inspirations all the time and have plenty of leeway as the synopsis are pretty skeletal. I can really flesh them out.

What are some of your favorite things to do when you’re not writing?
Most of all, I love hanging out with my four year old grandson and traveling with my hubby. We spent two weeks in Hawaii not long ago and are bound for Washington DC and other historic spots like Gettysburg, Jamestown, Williamsburg and Philadelphia in the fall. Oh, I’m getting another baby grandson in November!

Least favorite?
Trying to lose weight LOL. I am a chocoholic and cookie monster. I’m actually powering down some Chips A Hoy while I write this.

If you had a Friday night all to yourself, what would you do?
Curl up with my Kindle or watch a Hallmark movie. Either way, there will be a steaming cup of Café Francais by my side.

Where can readers find your books? 
My books are all available on Kindle, most e-book outlets, and through The Wild Rose Press (where I have a historical Western series going on) or White Rose Publishing. I blog first and third Wednesdays at the all-western romance site, Petticoats and Pistols. I have two blogspots, but finding time to keep them flowing is hard. For over a year, I’ve had quite a few deadlines and edits, with the eight-book Hearts Crossing Ranch series and several other books in the works. (Sanctuary, which released about three weeks ago, is the fourth book in the HCR series, one story for each of eight siblings.)

It had been both emotionally rewarding and totally mind-boggling to have two books released just three weeks apart. Whew. You can find me here: please sign the guest book and leave comments!

Thanks for inviting me here, Dora. I hope you and your readers join me at Petticoats and Pistols tomorrow for a chance to win a pdf copy of Faithful Danger. I’ll pull one commenter’s name from the Stetson. Hope to see you all there.

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  1. Welcome, Tanya. Congrats on the release of FAITHFUL DANGER!

    Two books released within three weeks? Another grandson on the way? Yowzee! It'll be awhile before you have a Friday night to curl up with your Kindle and Cafe Francais.


  2. Hello to my sweet friends! Writing books is awesome but meeting such great people tops it. Thanks for featuring me today, Dora.

    And Marianne…I'm getting to Hearts Communion today! oxoxox

    God bless you both…


  3. Tanya! Of course your hero would be a cowboy hunk! LOL! Sounds yummy and packed with danger. I'm ready to escape the heat and dive in. Petticoats and Pistols is one of my favorite places to visit! I'll see you there.


  4. Hi Mia, so good to see you here, so welcoming. I hope you like the story. Our ed in chief through out a “situational” prompt with some stuff you had to have in the story, and I ran with it. I'm not a very logical thinker, so getting all the suspense ends tied up was a challenge LOL.


  5. Sadly, one of my Petticoats filly friends tried to post five times and nothing came through. Grrrr.But she did try.

    And Tanya, my doppelganger in the best way LOL, thanks for stopping by. It's novella length so not a long read. Hope you like it! oxoxox


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