Plotter or Pantser?

Which side are you on?

You’re a plotter if:
You like the idea of using a “roadmap” and find your rhythm by organizing your thoughts and notes prior to any actual writing.
You type out a rough outline and think through any plot twists ahead of time.
You’ve logged hours and hours in your hero and heroine’s heads, with fully developed character charts, so you know they’ll follow the path you’ve forged for them and why.
You’ve written a detailed, chapter-by-chapter synopsis before you start the book, so you know where your book is going, and how it will end.
You plan. You plot.

You’re a pantser if:
You sit down in front of your laptop and just start typing, with just a few rough ideas for either characters or story floating around in your head.
You love the freedom of allowing the characters to write their own story.
You don’t care that the story you end up with is not necessarily the same as the idea you started with. If it’s a great story, why should you?
You write by the “seat of your pants.” 

Which one are you? 
A plotter or a pantser?
Or are you somewhere in the middle?

I’m organized to the point of dividing my shopping list by aisles in the grocery store, like frozen foods, canned goods, produce, etc. 
I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning. I go to bed at the same time every night. My hubby will tell you that I really don’t like surprises. 
So what do you think I am?
Ahhh! You’d be wrong.
I’m a pantser!

Where do you fall on the scale?

One thought on “Plotter or Pantser?

  1. Ohh – just saw this one! I am a SOTP. Sure,I plot a little, have the idea for my story as God gives it to me, but I discover so much along the way. Twists and turns my characters take, the depth of the story as it comes out, the common thread that weaves through – some of it I don't fully see till I go back through and read. That's the fun of writing for me.


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