thanks givings…

~ my husband’s new garage organizer. He got tired of my moan every time he mentioned spending $150 on a garage organizer, so he clammed up and waited patiently for his birthday. Have I mentioned what a smart guy my hubby is?

~ hummingbirds fluttering around the feeder. Sheesh, our back yard has turned into a hummingbird highway. Yesterday morning, one little guy actually buzzed right in front of my face and stared at me. 

~ participating with a thousand voices and faces lifted in worship. A glimpse into heaven’s choirs?

~ seeing the delight-and fear-on my grandson’s face as he takes his first steps

~ a quiet house, no sounds except our golden’s soft snuffle and my fingertips clacking across the keyboard. 

~ school buses hitting the streets. Yeah, I know. Call me crazy. But, really, don’t you like to see the drivers zipping around the roads, testing the buses for safety before the kids take one step on board? 

What about you? 

What are your thanks givings today?

5 thoughts on “thanks givings…

  1. What a lovely post. Incidentally, I LOVE hummingbirds. The only time I ever got to see them was when I visited my grandfather's (Dad's dad) place up near Wasaga Beach. They're beautiful little things – I didn't know they could be so bold! Lol…

    As for me, I'm thankful for the writing class I'm going to be participating in later tonight. Yay, writing! 🙂


  2. Hey Crystal. Before moving to NC, we'd only seen hummingbirds in Arizona. They're so cool to watch. Not too smart, though. They get stuck in the garage. Once they get in, they can't find their way out. Gentle little creatures. They'll actually let you help them. We bought a feeder and put it around back to divert them. Haven't had a problem since.

    So glad you get to enjoy a writing class tonight! Thanks for stopping by!


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