A little travel. A little romance. A lot of home.

I love vacations. 
Dreaming about where to go, planning the trip, visiting a new area, trying out new foods~

“Ahem.” Dear hubby clears his throat.

I hit the delete key a few times.
OK. I’m a “home” kinda gal.
I love coming home more than the actual vacation itself. 
This week we visited Atlanta and stayed at the Westin Peachtree.
Had a great view from the 24th floor ~ all that steel and glass on the building next to usCertainly not the Carolina blue sky view from our deck.
The hotel boasted a Starbucks cafe, but it wasn’t nearly as blissful as waking up to my hubby’s perfect brew of cafe con leche.
And what is it with down pillows? Does anybody actually like them? 
Definitely not as comfy as our fluffy pillows, and they didn’t tuck a Dove dark chocolate heart on my hubby’s pillow.
We ate at a great Irish Pub. To make up for the long wait, the waiter gave us a bag of homemade salt & vinegar chips. 
Did I say it was a long wait? Great chips, but I woke up the next morning, bloated and swollen, three times my size. Kinda like this poor guy.
But you know what the hardest part of this trip was?
Leaving our baby behind.
Do you see why I’m a home kinda gal?
Next year’s agenda? 
Now that’s a place I could get excited about.
Hubby rolls his eyes.
I grin. OK.
I get more excited about coming home.

What about you?

12 thoughts on “A little travel. A little romance. A lot of home.

  1. Hey Trisha. lol. I hear ya.

    Hi Madeleine. It's tough to leave the babies behind, isn't it? We usually pick our hotel stays around our dog. Atlanta had 1 pet friendly hotel in downtown, but no green space. What's up with that??

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies. It's great to get to know you.


  2. Oh goodness your dog is just adorable! I love taking trips, but that's always the hardest part for me too. I hate leaving my kitties behind!


  3. I'd really love to see more of the world, but I don't think I could travel a lot. I love being home in my comfy bed–even with the geese and guineas shouting warnings about deer at three a.m. (hubby may have other opinions on this issue).


  4. I totally hear ya, Heather. LOVE coming home to my comfy bed, even with all its lumps and craters.

    We have deer that occasionally wander through our back yard, too. They're so cool to watch.


  5. I love being home and returning home! And your dog is so adorable that would make it all the more worth it 🙂 But it's good we get out, away from the home, because it makes us realize how wonderful our homes are for us!


  6. I LOVE coming home. I can't stand hotel beds and pillows, they're just not comfortable. I'm used to my lumpy bed and pillows at home! I can relate with leaving the pets behind – I have parrots, and we have such a strong bond. They hate when I leave for more than a few hours!

    By the way, I've given you some awards at my blog. 😉


  7. Hey k & Cassandra.

    So true, K. We have to kiss a few toads to recognize and appreciate the princes in our life.

    Cassandra, we've actually stayed in a pet-friendly hotel where a guest was eating outside on the pool deck with a parrot on his shoulder. It was cool to watch them interact. Of course, lucky for him there weren't any dogs sunning out there. lol. Thanks for the awards, Cassandra! I'll pop on over and check them out.


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