thanks givings…

~ A great turnout for the Kannapolis Fire Department Open House last Saturday. 
I’m so proud of our firefighters and an awesome community that supports them!
Grandpa hopes this is a future firefighter. 😉

~ our new driveway. Yeah, I know. How can I get excited about a driveway? But you gotta know how it’s looked for the last six months. Full of potholes and ugly looking craters. Why didn’t somebody warn us southerners not to throw ice-melt on the driveway? 

~The joy of meeting an online writing friend face-to-face. This week I enjoyed meeting Sandra Ardoin. We had a great time swapping stories over coffee. Thanks, Sandy!

~ Wildfire Wednesdays at Steps. Susan’s praise post lifts my Wednesday up a notch! Thanks, Susan!

What about you?

What are your thanks givings today?

2 thoughts on “thanks givings…

  1. Thanks, Sandy! We think so, too.

    I so enjoyed our time together. Writers do a lot of online chatting, but it's so rare to meet up with somebody that lives close by. I'm thankful we could get together. Hope we can do it again soon!


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