I.Don’t.Have.Time. by Sandra Ardoin

Who do I see about adding a few hours to my day? Sometimes twenty-four is only enough to get me warmed up.
There are certain daily “musts” for each of us—things like work, sleep, and the consumption of food. I’m at that point in life when rest is no longer a matter of beauty but necessity; food is not always a necessity but a habit; and much of my work is habitual pleasure.  
On most weekdays, I’m sitting at the computer by seven-thirty a.m. By the time I get through my emails, social media and the blog posts I read, it can be nine-thirty and I’m wondering where the time went. How am I going to get in my word count for the day? I get down to business and the next thing I know, it’s time for lunch. Not much seems to have been marked off my to-do list. Later, I look at the clock and it’s time to close up shop and start dinner. (Have you noticed how my days seems to revolve around eating?)
Peter said that with the Lord “a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day.”
Wow! God has some calendar. With Him, everything is seen from the perspective of eternity. Shouldn’t I see it that way, too? How is what I’m doing today going to affect the time someone else spends in eternity?
Although I may complain about not having enough time to accomplish all I’d like to do, I’m blessed. God has given me something I truly enjoy: writing fiction that (I hope) makes a difference in someone’s else’s life.
So, what makes your twenty-four hours fly past like an Amtrak train on a mission? Is it useful in pointing others to Christ?
Sandra Ardoin loves history and fiction, so how could she help but put the two together? Her work has been published in various forms, but fiction allows her to share the stories that run through her imagination. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Contact Sandra through her website at www.sandraardoin.com. Follow her on Twitter, Google+, and Goodreads.       

3 thoughts on “I.Don’t.Have.Time. by Sandra Ardoin

  1. Good morning, Sandy. You are welcome to visit on my blog anytime!

    I'm with you. Lately my days have flown by faster than the space shuttle launch! And now, I'm off in search of lunch. lol

    Thanks for the reminder that we should set our priorities more toward the eternal realm. I'm so glad God operates on a different calendar than we do, aren't you?


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