Make ’em or not?

New Year’s Resolutions. 

We’ve all made them. 
Diet. Start exercising. Eat more healthy. Spend more time with the family. Work less. Work more. Read my Bible more. Start saving. Pay off some debt. 
The list could go on indefinitely. 

I’m not sure at what point I started asking myself “why?” 
If there’s something in my life that needs to change, why wait until the New Year? 
Why not now?

Nobody is guaranteed another sunrise. 
Or even another hour. 
Why wait to make changes in your life? 
Start today!

6 thoughts on “Make ’em or not?

  1. Hey Sandy. We wrap up all the “goodies” and send them back with both sons. Still in their 20's, they appreciate calories. haha

    Hi Joanne. Nice to meet you! I hope you'll stop back by soon. 😉

    Hey Anne. Why wait, right? Thank you! Back to you as well.

    Wishing all you ladies a joyous, relaxing New Year's weekend!


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