My Review of LOST IN LONE CREEK by Mary Manners

Great book to curl up with on a rainy afternoon…
Ms. Manners tugs you right in to the sights and smells of Lone Creek Ranch where you’ll want to kick your cowboy boots up on the coffee table and sit back with your coffee mug and linger awhile. Lost in Lone Creek is the perfect size to curl up with on the couch for a couple hours on a rainy afternoon, but at seventy-three delicious pages, you’ll wish it were longer.
Land Developer Jessica Tate isn’t so likeable when she first appears at Lone Creek Ranch in her high-heeled pumps, designer sunglasses and snooty attitude. Although Rancher Carson Merrill hasn’t seen Jessica since she stomped away a year ago, that doesn’t stop him from looking past her bitter exterior into the heart of the girl he fell in love with and planned to marry. With Carson’s gentle encouragement, Jessica’s attitude melts, along with the brick wall she’d erected since her brother’s accident, making it impossible not to fall in love with this cowboy.      
A sweet, irresistible romance, Lost in Lone Creek is the first in the series. As usual, Ms. Manners leaves us eagerly waiting for the next book. Congratulations, Ms. Manners. Five stars from this reader!
Available now with White Rose Publishing
Disclaimer: An unbiased review, based on my purchase of this book. 

10 thoughts on “My Review of LOST IN LONE CREEK by Mary Manners

  1. I can't wait to read Lost in Lone Creek, Mary! It's loaded on my Kindle – I thoroughly enjoyed the Sweet Treats Series and, as you know, will be highlighting you with reviews and a spotlight on that series at the end of the month. Can't wait. Love supporting the works of the authors I know and enjoy…..God bless


  2. Thanks so much, Marianne. Can you believe it's less than 90 days until the Romantic Times convention. I can't wait to see you and Dora there. It's going to be an amazing experience!!!


  3. Hi Raquel. Me, too! Can't wait to settle back in my recliner with the next one. Congrats on the upcoming release of RUBY DAWN! Thanks for stopping by.

    Hey Marianne. Reading HEARTS KEY now and LOVING IT so far!!

    90 days? What? Yowzee! I can't wait! Still haven't booked airline tickets yet. We're waiting on the schedule. But I can't believe we're down to 90 days! That's so exciting!


  4. Wow what a busy bunch you are! Mary, as usual this one sounds great! I can't wait to read it, but my tbr pile is pretty long right now…Keep 'em comin! I'll get there soon! I wish I could meet you ladies there! Give each other a hug for me!


  5. …same as having fun, right, Mary? After a few days away from the keyboard, settling back in front of the keyboard felt so…comforting!

    I hear you, Donna. Pelican Book Group is pumping out so many books I want to read, my head is spinning! Wish you could join us in Chicago, too. How about hugs and a picture?


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