My Review of HEARTS KEY by Marianne Evans

A sweet, irresistible romance from the first page to the last…

My review:

Hearts Key opens with a heart-wrenching scene, the dissolution of a marriage. Once a vibrant youth leader, Amy Samuels barely escapes her husband’s drunken rage with her daughter, Pyper. Estranged from family and friends because of her husband’s abusive behavior, Amy places a collect call to her former pastor for help.

A year later, settled within the loving arms of the Woodland Church family, Amy and Pyper begin the healing process. Hiding behind the safety of a camera lens, Amy arrives at Woodland Church to shoot the homecoming of Tyler Brock. Tyler Brock, whose love she’d tossed aside because she’d been enamored with football star, Mark Samuels. Now a powerhouse in Christian music, Tyler is still the gentle, faithful guy Amy knew in high school. And he still loves her. With his gentle spirit, Tyler breaks down Pyper’s fearful “male” barrier and reminds Amy that God’s love is all she needs to overcome her self-doubts.

I have to admit that once Tyler entered the scene, I wondered if Ms. Evans would be able to sustain the book, but did she ever deliver! Not only does Tyler battle his own fears when an agent woos him with crossing over into mainstream music, but he also helps break down Amy and Pyper’s insecurities. Ms. Evans built the romantic tension to such a level that I found myself whispering, “Kiss her! Just kiss her already!”

Hearts Key is a sweet, irresistible romance from the first page to the last! Even at two hundred and fifty four pages, I wasn’t ready for Hearts Key to end. Sadly, Hearts Key is the last in the series, but that won’t stop me from going back and reading the first three books. Congratulations, Ms. Evans. Five stars from this reader!

Available with White Rose Publishing.

Disclaimer: An unbiased review, based on my purchase of this book.

6 thoughts on “My Review of HEARTS KEY by Marianne Evans

  1. Oh, Dora – what a lovely review! Thank you so much, and I'm delighted you enjoyed Tyler and Amy's journey!! You're a treasure, and I can't wait to see you in Chicago!!! RT, here we come!! God bless, and thank you again!!!


  2. Amen, Sandy. Sometimes I go through dry spells where I can't find anything to read, then other times, the cup overflows…It's a great problem to have, though, right?


  3. I had my heart set to read HEARTS KEY since its release, but just recently had the opportunity to read it. My tbr stack, with books I can't wait to read, is all over the place – laptop, kindle, bookshelf. What do I pick up next? And from where?

    Thanks for stopping by, Donna. 😉


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