Storms…where do you hide?

Bruiser, our eight-year-old golden retriever, meandered around the yard on his usual morning patrol, sniffing his territory to make sure no critters invaded during the night. 

A strange sound made me glance over the rim of my coffee cup. Was that thunder? So early in the morning? Probably not.

From my vantage point at the kitchen table, I peered out the glass door. The sky had lightened with morning’s brightness. Not a dark cloud in sight. Perhaps the noise I heard was a train from the nearby tracks? 

The noise sounded again, this time more distinct and definitely thunder.

Bruiser bounded up the deck steps as rain dumped from the sky, his big brown eyes pleading for me to let him in. I did, and Bruiser raced by to hide in our shower, someplace dark and without windows. Terrified of thunder and lightning, he usually senses when a storm is nearby, but this one caught him by surprise. 

The storms of life sometimes sneak up on us. Catch us by surprise. Events like the death of a loved one, relational breakups, job loss, or financial difficulties

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

Where do you hide when you’re afraid?

6 thoughts on “Storms…where do you hide?

  1. We kept the name his breeder gave him ~ he was the giant of the litter. Stole our hearts from the minute we saw him. And socks. And shoes. And…you get the idea.

    Thanks for stopping by, Sandy!


  2. I wish my first response was always to run into the arms of my Savior. Too often I try to hide in my own strength. I soon realize that isn't going to work and then I do run, hard and fast, into His arms. They are always open.


  3. lol. Love that, Susan! Me? I stick my head in the sand, hoping the problem will just go away, when the first place I should run to is Him!

    Thanks for stopping by, Susan!


  4. Ouch! I'm guilty of that, too, Melissa. Thank God He doesn't hold it against us, right? What a comfort He is, a Refuge and a Strong Tower, the Only One who can make things right with our world.

    Thanks for stopping by, Melissa. I hope you'll visit again.


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