Happy Fourth!

As Americans, we celebrate the Fourth of July. Independence Day. The freedom to be our own country. The freedom to:

Worship where we choose
Work where we choose
Love and marry whom we choose
Choose our place of residence
Wear our own clothing style
Eat and drink what we like
Spend money

So many more freedoms not listed. Things we take for granted. Small things, sure, but so many others can’t make these same choices. Even with all the uncertainty with our economy, the conflicts between Democrats and Republicans, we can still choose how our country operates.

Celebrate Independence Day with family and friends over barbecues, baseball games and fireworks. Live. Love. Laugh. Adopt an attitude of gratitude and pray for our leaders.

Thank you to all who fought, and continue to fight, for our freedoms!
Thank You, God, for allowing me to live in a free country. Help me not to take for granted the price that was paid for my freedom. Help our leaders make the right decisions for our country and to look to You for guidance.

4 thoughts on “Happy Fourth!

  1. Happy Fourth of July!

    I'm thankful for our freedom, too… The freedom to write, to blog, to speak freely, to marry by choice, to tease my husband… 😉 We might not be perfect in North America, but we're free. And I'm grateful for that.


  2. “To tease my husband”…one of those freedoms we take for granted, isn't it? Sheesh. Who would think??

    Happy 4th, Patty! Wishing you a day filled with family and love. Thanks for stopping by.


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