Need a Romance Fix?

Do you enjoy sweet, short romances? Like a thousand words or less, sort of a condensed romance fix?

Sometimes I enjoy short romances. Sometimes not. It depends on if the story leaves me with a satisfied feeling or if I feel like I’m being shortchanged or cheated.

Does the story contain all the components to make it a great romance? Pacing, dialog, emotion, and romance? Or is it loaded down with backstory?

Let’s face it. A thousand words doesn’t give a writer much room to create. Every word has to count, must give meaning to the story, to make the reader want to keep reading.

Family Fiction is running a Create Romance contest for romances 1,000 words or less. If you enjoy a quick “romance fix,” click on over and check out my sweet romance entry, A Forever Love

If A Forever Love leaves you with an “ahhh” or that wonderfully delicious warm feeling around your heart, please vote UP. And if you REALLY like it, feel free to Tweet or share it on Facebook with the link at the bottom of the story. That would be awesome. The cool part of this contest is that you can vote UP or DOWN for all stories.

Here’s the link to A Forever Love ~ you for your vote!

Do you enjoy short romances?
Or do they leave you feeling shortchanged?

4 thoughts on “Need a Romance Fix?

  1. Several years ago, I tried writing shorts like this for Woman's World. It's very difficult and I admire the job you did on yours, Dora. You pretty much have to start with two people who already know each other or, basically, write the beginning of a relationship. It's a great challenge for a writer.


  2. Thank you, Sandy. I'm glad you enjoyed A FOREVER LOVE!

    You're so right on the options AND the challenge writing short presents, but it's also a rewarding accomplishment. Do you plan to enter, Sandy?


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