TUESDAY’S CHILD by Clare Revell ~ My Review

About the book:
Tuesday’s Child tenders direction…

Deaf from the age of five, Adeline Munroe operates a hospital for injured dolls, but lately her quiet life is disturbed by violent, haunting visions. Perhaps it’s just her unspoken fear–a serial killer has struck in Headley Cross. But Adeline soon realizes she’s seeing each murder just before they happen and reluctantly contacts the police.

Detective Sergeant Nate Holmes has enough to deal with between caring for his orphaned niece and his current assignment–the Herbalist killings, so when a woman comes forward who claims to be “seeing” the crimes in dreams, he isn’t hopeful she’ll be of any help. But he knows her from church, and she inexplicably describes how each crime is committed. Is God answering his prayers through Adeline?

Adeline assists the police, yet more women die and she becomes the prime target of the killer. Will Nate crack the case before the Herbalist can complete his agenda–or will the next murder Adeline foresees be her own?

My Review: 
This is one of those books where you become so entrenched in the characters’ lives, you’d like nothing better than to continue along with them after the book ends. Adeline Munroe would be a great friend to have in real life. Spunky, caring, and she fixes boo-boos. On dolls.
Don’t you just love the unusual occupations the author chooses for her heroines? And Nate? Who wouldn’t love a hero who takes in his niece to raise? There’s a great cast of secondary characters as well, from Ben, Adeline’s black and white Cavalier King Charles spaniel, to Vianne, Nate’s niece who played integral roles in the story.

Being deaf doesn’t impair Adeline in any way. She’s actually blessed with an abundance of other gifts, like visions of the Herbalist killings before they happen. Nate doesn’t see her as handicapped, but as the strong, independent, and beautiful heroine she is. If it weren’t for the occasional reminder from Adeline to look at her so she could read lips, as a reader, you almost forget the fact that she is deaf.

Tuesday’s Child is action-packed, and the suspense is quite intense. Just when you think the book’s coming in for an ending, Ms. Revell slings another curve ball your way. Great job, Clare Revell! I’m looking forward to the next story in the series, Wednesday’s Child.
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Disclosure: I received this book from the author for a fair and honest review.

4 thoughts on “TUESDAY’S CHILD by Clare Revell ~ My Review

  1. I just finished “Wednesday's Child” for review. I volunteered for that one thinking it would take me awhile to read because I have to share my evening computer time. I was wrong! Once I started reading, I was a computer hog! Knowing how good that book is, after reading the blurb for “Tuesday's Child” I just HAVE to read it! And “Monday's Child”, of course – must keep the week together!


  2. Oh yes, you have to go back and read the others, Tammy. It's nice that you don't have to read them in order. What a fabulous series!

    Thanks for stopping by, Tammy. I bet it's starting to get a little chilly up in the northeast, huh? Perfect for snuggling up with a great book in the evenings.


  3. Thanks for having me here Dora.
    And Tammy, Wed, Thurs and Fri will need to be read in order, but the rest won't matter 🙂 And they only do because you've already met the stars of them in Wed – Thurs Child is Liam's twin Niamh and Fri Child is big brother Patrick.


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