WEDNESDAY’S CHILD by Clare Revell ~ My Review

About the book: Liam Page, school teacher and ex-missionary, is a man with a secret agenda. Revenge. But when he says it with flowers, and accidentally drenches a woman who just happens to be the school’s landscape architect, he may have found a light in his darkness.

After an abusive relationship, Jacqui Dorne prefers work to men. It’s safer. But Liam Page with his boyish charm and wounded soul, manages to change her preferences. Has God led her to Liam to help him heal?

When their growing relationship is marred by the reappearance of Jacqui’s ex-boyfriend, they find themselves suddenly embroiled in a series of dangerous events which leads them to Africa and has them fighting for both love and life.

My review:
Liam wrestles with God over his wife’s murder, and the theme “Why do bad things happen to good people?” permeates the book. He’s bitter and wants revenge, and the heroine reminds him of the Truth he walked away from after his wife’s death.

After reading both Monday’s Child & Tuesday’s Child by Clare Revell, I couldn’t wait to dig into Wednesday’s Child and wasn’t disappointedWednesday’s Child started with an emotionally intense scene like the other two books based on the popular nursery rhyme, but unlike the others, I feel this story veered mostly towards romance until midway through the book before the suspense really kicked in. That’s OK with me because I enjoy both inspirational romance and romantic suspense. 

I enjoy this author’s no nonsense writing style combined with a wry sense of humor and strong heroes/heroines. You don’t have to read this book in order, although once you read Wednesday’s Child, you’ll want to go back and pick up the first two.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my fair and unbiased review.