Go Where?

Have you ever hopped in your car and drove, reaching your destination without realizing how you got there? Perhaps you had something on your mind and you just went through the motions.

That’s how we found ourselves in Panama and Costa Rica. 


Yep. Let me explain.

My parents joined us on our European cruise last fall, but they only agreed to go if we’d travel with them to Central America. 

Gulp. Go where? South? We moved away from FL, where we’d lived for thirty+ years, to NC where the temps are cooler and we actually experience seasons. My vacation radar doesn’t point south. 

Why? Because it’s hot. We left a balmy 40 degrees in NC and stepped off the plane in Panama City to a blistering 85. Can anybody say air conditioner? Well, we didn’t find too many air conditioners there (only one, actually), but that didn’t spoil our trip. How could it when we had this to enjoy? 

This was the view from our hotel room in Boquete. Sweet, isn’t it?

El Oasis Hotel, Boquete

We toured a coffee farm and TASTED some of the best coffee EVER!

Casa Ruiz, Boquete

Visited the Panama Canal

Panama Canal

Played with the toucans in Costa Rica

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Ooohed and ahhhed over the gorgeous scenery

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Lake Arenal

And ate. A lot.

We stayed in a gated community. Of sorts.

Orchid Tree B&B

Who knew we’d find this lovely oasis behind the gate?

Orchid Tree B&B Bedrooms

Or this?

Orchid Tree B&B Open Air Living Room-Dining Room

Not saying I’d go back, but I’m glad we went. We had a great time and will treasure the memories we made with my parents forever.

What about you?
Which countries would you like to visit? Or not?

4 thoughts on “Go Where?

  1. Where do I want to go? Egypt, Africa, Israel. But since I travel alone, given the unrest in those places…probably not.

    Australia is on the list though, I can see that happening in a couple of years. I've looked at a couple of European cruises that visit the high points of the countries I want to see. The countryside of Ireland is last on my bucket list.


  2. Sharon, you travel alone? We'll have to rectify that. We started a list of places we'd like to go, and your list looks a lot like ours. Still haven't braved adding Antarctica (hubby's choice) to the list. 🙂


  3. Lovely! Looks like you had a great time. 🙂 Reminds me of our trip to Puerto Rico many, many years ago.

    I'd love to go to Great Britain and Northern Ireland someday. That's about as wild and exotic as I get. My McManus blood is calling me back to Belfast. One of these days …


  4. Great Britain and Ireland are both places I'd love to visit, too, Angie. Can't you just picture the beautiful rolling hills and lush landscape of Ireland and hear the lovely accents in your head? We need to set a goal, girl, and let's do it!


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