Have you read THURSDAY’S CHILD by Clare Revell?

Thursday’s Child
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About the book~

Broken…with bits missing. That’s how Niamh, senior prosecutor for the CPS, feels when she wakes in hospital severely injured with no knowledge what happened–for the past eight years. A tall man in a firefighters uniform claims he’s her husband. While he’s everything she’s ever dreamed of in a man and more, she doesn’t know him. And if he was so important why can’t she remember? Was there something so terrible, so painful in her marriage, her mind has suppressed it?

First on the scene at a horrific accident, Jared Harkin is devastated to find his wife one of the injured. He’s already lost a child, can he live through this? Niamh survives the crash, but awakens with eight years missing and no memories of their life together. Determined to help her remember the past and their love, he sets about wooing her all over again. But are some things best forgotten?

As Niamh struggles to remember, the investigation into the accident reveals foul play. Did her recent caseload have anything to do with the attempt on her life? Or was it someone closer to her? As bit and pieces of memory return, the attacker strikes again. Can she piece together the whole of her past before it’s too late?
Sharing my review~
As a successful prosecutor, Niamh Harkin (pronounced Neeve) has received her share of death threats, but this particular case has her stressed and on edge. While driving home during a raging storm, Niamh’s car flips. Jared, her husband and firefighter, responds to the accident, not knowing she’s involved. When Niamh wakes, she’s lost all memory of the last eight years, including being married, and doesn’t recognize her husband. 

What I really liked…

When post-crash Niamh discovers how she was before the crash, she doesn’t like her. I’m glad the author only showed us the new Niamh, rather than the old, because I wouldn’t have liked her either. 

Jared loved Niamh, for better or worse (and their marriage had taken a turn for the worse over the last couple of years), yet he was determined to make the best of their marriage, even when she’d given up on them. This was a true love story, from beginning to end, and Jared never gives up hope that she’ll finally love him again. He figures that Niamh’s memory loss is a great chance for them to start over and determines to win her heart all over again.

I especially liked how the author weaved in tidbits from Niamh’s boss, Alan. His wife suffers from dementia, but he’d never dream of taking his wedding ring off just because she doesn’t remember him. Niamh, who’d tucked her wedding band around her neck, can’t help but ponder her commitment. Loved the analogy!

And the ending? Oh, so sweet! But, I promise not to give away any spoilers. 

What I didn’t like so much…
The opening courtroom scene started a bit slow for me, and I felt Niamh’s reaction upon waking in the hospital a bit awkward, but don’t give up! Once I moved past that, it flew. I also stumbled occasionally over certain UK fire terminology, but only because I’m married to a US fire professional. 🙂

This story reminded me of a modern day A Christmas Carol, except the events don’t take place in a dream. While I felt Thursday’s Child was a mite weak on the suspense (I surely didn’t mind!) and heavier on the romance, both sets of readers will enjoy the plot and savor the love story! Whether you’re lazing on the beach or hanging out at home, it’s a perfect read for summer.

What about you? Do you ever wish you had “do overs” in life?
Disclosure: Sending a big thank you to the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and unbiased review. The opinions expressed are my own, and I received no compensation for my review.

Clare Revell
Clare lives in a small town in England with her husband, whom she married in 1992, and her three children. Writing from an early childhood and encouraged by her teachers, she graduated from rewriting fairy stories through fanfiction to using her own original characters and enjoys writing an eclectic mix of romance, crime fiction and children’s stories. When she’s not writing, reading, sewing or keeping house or doing the many piles of laundry her children manage to make, she’s working part time in the breakfast club at one of the local schools.

She has been a Christian for more than half her life. She goes to Carey Baptist where she is one of three registrars.

She can be found at:

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. From soldiers to sailors to firefighters and police officers. From pastors to teachers to fathers.Thursday’s Child releases July 5th from Pelican Book Group. To celebrate this, Clare will be giving away two print copies and two e-book copies. To enter leave a comment here. All names will go in a hat and the winners drawn randomly on July 12th.

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