Doubt…or Trust?

“Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubtedMt 28:16-17 NIV

Jesus had warned his disciples all that would happen surrounding his crucifixion. They’d been hanging around with him for three years and had witnessed countless miracles, so many they weren’t all recorded in the Bible (Jn 21:25). You’d think that they would have believed him, right?


Everything happened exactly as Jesus predicted. One of his own disciples turned him over to the authorities in exchange for trinkets of silver. Jesus was beaten, whipped, and then nailed to a cross until his last breath. A heavy stone was rolled across the entry to where his broken body lay, and guards were posted outside the tomb. 

All events he’d told them about ahead of time, happened exactly as he’d said. To the last detail.

When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.

Seriously? The disciples doubted?

Men that had followed Jesus around for three years? Soaking in his words, watching him perform miracles, witnessing the compassion in his eyes as he looked upon his children? 


What a nasty, five letter word that sometimes slithers in to my life. Whether it’s in my marriage, my writing, my faith…

Why do I struggle with it so?

Because doubt is a lie of the enemy, an all out frontal attack by the devil to rob us of joy, of peace that passes understanding. The enemy tosses out those tiny nuggets of doubt, and if we let allow them to take root, they blossom into full-fledged fear.

The disciples doubted even after they’d had a chance to see Jesus, to touch the holes in his hands, to hear his voice. Peter doubted after he’d stepped out of the boat and he looked down at the waves crashing around his feet. Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” Mt 14:31 NIV

I can sometimes picture him, with an outstretched arm, glancing down at me with warm eyes, full of compassion, and in a loving voice, saying, “Oh, Dora, where’s your faith? Why must you doubt?”

God promised that He’d always be with me. Why rob myself of joy and peace by doubting? I choose trust over doubt

Do you struggle with doubt? Which will you choose?
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16 thoughts on “Doubt…or Trust?

  1. OH, yes. I'm a total doubter. Only because I like to think I can do it all myself instead of trusting God to take care of it for me. And yet we cast stones at those disciples for doubting when we probably would have done the same.


  2. Wonderful thoughts here, Dora. I never doubt my faith, just the day to day. I want to be a “truster” and I'm failing miserable LOL. Oh well, it's all good in the long run. xoxox


  3. AMEN! Doubt is so hard to overcome. The only way I even start to is by immersing myself in His Word. When I slack off on that, I wind up a doubting Thomas again. Beautiful post, Dora:)


  4. Exactly, Tanya. Not so much faith as a whole, but certain elements. Am I following God's path or did I make a wrong turn? Was that the right decision?

    I'm with ya, sister. 🙂


  5. D is for Dora! And yes, I do struggle with doubt. I think God expects that because we're thinking creatures. It's a test of faith, right? I don't think He expects us to just follow blindly. It's more precious a faith if we overcome the doubt I think, but I could be wrong. And yet, we are to be as children and trust Him. So I don't know. Compelling questions!


  6. Oh I do struggle with doubt. Most often doubt that I'm not following the path my Shepherd wants me to take or I doubt my abilities to accomplish the task set before me. I forget so easily that the Holy Spirit lives inside of me and that together, we're a team.

    Thanks for your transparency. I never made this connection between the disciples doubt and my own doubt. It helped me see my doubt for what it is – a lack of faith – but in a strange way, reassures me that I'm in good company.


  7. Same here, Karen.

    You know how the Spirit hits you over the head when you're reading the Word. You might have read that particular passage a hundred times, but each time it hits you a bit different. When I read this verse recently, I jerked back, stunned, it was that powerful.

    That's me. Hanging out with the disciples and stumbling along with the Israelites (who doubted that God would provide). 🙂


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