F is for Friends…

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It was 2007, and we’d just moved to North Carolina for hubby’s new job as fire chief. You know what new jobs require: demanding hours, lugging work home to catch up if there had been a prolonged vacancy, familiarizing yourself with the way things work within the new organization, learning names, yada yada yada. All of that meant I didn’t see him much those first few months.

We’d moved across states, so it wasn’t like I could hang out with anybody I knew, and as a writer, I spent most of my time perched in front of my laptop. I remember feeling so alone and praying, begging God, for friends in my new city

Did you catch that? I don’t know why I tried to limit God.

He showed me. In a big way.

God answered my prayer, but He ignored the “in my new city.” Thank You, God!

He introduced me to so many sweet friends that I now connect with over coffee or lunch, so many that I confess sometimes I have trouble squeezing time with them into my schedule. But He also expanded my prayer to include online friendships over states and even oceans. Not only that, but He moved my sister and her family to live within a two-hour drive from us. How awesome is He??
Friendships. I asked, and God provided.
What about you? Have you ever begged God for friends?

Would you share a situation in your life where God showed up in a mighty way? 

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13 thoughts on “F is for Friends…

  1. This week we sent my son off to Seville, Spain for a semester. He didn't know anybody going and I've been praying he'll make friends.
    I know he's there and he said he's slept very little so far but he is making friends.

    Friends are important.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. When we moved here 3 years ago I didn't know anyone, my husband either but he at least had work people to talk to. Being a stay at home wife I had no one, let's face it, the dog isn't much of a talker. The loneliness was horrible. Finally we found a Sunday School class to join, and while I don't think a bosum buddy is among them, I at least have a few friends to call up for lunch. But it took a while and many many tears.


  3. I've lived in the same city for 60 years and have made friendships over the years. Several of my dearest friends have passed away, though, including my mom, and I miss them all. Now, my husband of 43 years is my best friend, but sometimes a woman needs the company of other women who can share, laugh, and cry together.


  4. Oh, Jackie, I feel your pain. We just kissed our youngest good-bye this morning, bound for DC. He has a few friends there already, thankfully. I'll be praying for both our sons. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. No, dogs don't talk much, but I sure miss my sweet fella today. Dropped him off at the kennel earlier, and the house sure is quiet. Miss the big lug.

    Coffee dates work well for new friends. Hang in there. 🙂


  6. Dora, this is such a lovely heart felt post. My brother in law has been transferred to Hawaii and my sis is excited but having a hard time, at the same time. I've met some great new friends at the horse rescue where I volunteer, and a few very dear ones through writing, e.g. You, my friend. What a rock you are to me. Thanks for a other great reminder of what's
    Important. Xox


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