I is for Incredible

We’re baaaack!

Hubby and I just returned from our cruise through Europe, and that’s the only way I can describe it…incredible! Plus, I needed an I word to make it work for this week’s blog. 🙂

Mind if I share a few pictures? No? Phew! That’s good because I planned to anyway. lol

As is the case with most European flights, we flew all night. After a two hour bus ride from Heathrow, we sailed from Dover, just outside London. We didn’t suffer too much jet lag this year. Last year, I was down for the count, but this time, I was more prepared. 

Our first four ports were in Norway. For some reason, I anticipated quaint little towns, but that wasn’t the case with these ports, as you can see. Still incredible scenery.

Alesund, Norway
A Bookstore in Bergen, Norway (couldn’t resist!)
Stavanger, Norway

Our first glimpse of Oslo, Norway

Check out this stunning sunset as we sailed away from Hamburg, Germany. Incredible, isn’t it?

Hamburg, Germany

Amsterdam, one of my favorite stops.

Bruges, Belgium

And what a way to end the cruise ~ touring Paris. You cannot imagine the magnificence of the Eiffel Tower until you’re standing close. Wow! 

Hubby at the Eiffel Tower

We spent an extra day touring London since we didn’t have time before the cruise. Hubby’s idea. He figured if I was going to spend an entire day sleeping away jet lag, we might as well do it on the ship and save the extra day to take in the sights when we returned. Have I mentioned how smart he is? 🙂

Tower Bridge (And I always thought this was the London Bridge!!)

Incredible. The only thing that would have made this cruise any better was if my parents had been able to join us. Next time!

Where did you take your last “incredible” trip?

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17 thoughts on “I is for Incredible

  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Amsterdam looks beautiful. I've spent so much time on airplanes I hope I never fly again, so our next dream vacation will probably be a driving tour of the west. Thanks for sharing, Dora!


  2. My favorite vacation place was when we went to Canada and saw Niagara Falls (you HAVE to visit the canadian side to appreciate the falls). We went with our oldest daughter & son-in-love. But my all-time favorite place to go is Maggie Valley, NC & ride our motorcycle in the mountains. Can't beat that… and I don't have to fly! ;-] LOVE your pics, Dora! Simply beautiful!


  3. What an incredible trip. The pictures are beautiful, especially the Amsterdam ones. I've got lots of places on my “life list” to visit. I'd really like to take a mule ride through the Grand Canyon, but no body in my family wants to go. 😦 And then there's the sunset hot air balloon ride over the desert or over the Blue Ridge Mountains at the peak of leaf time… and


  4. Ahhh, that was one of my faves, Tom. We flew into Seattle and drove a loop through Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and back to Seattle. Took almost 2 weeks and it was a ton of driving, but we had a blast! It's definitely a “must do” trip! Thanks for stopping by!


  5. We visited Niagara Falls, but never made it to the Canadian side. It's wild, isn't it? I can't imagine people attempting to go over. Yikes! The Blue Ridge Parkway area is our most frequented vacation spot, specifically the Boone/Blowing Rock area. Have you been there? It's beautiful! Shelley, you don't look old enough to have a married daughter. 🙂


  6. How about doing it on your own, Susan? They offer guided tours down the Canyon. 🙂
    We live close to the Blue Ridge Mtns, within two hours, so we manage to sneak away as much as we can. LOVE it! Um, I'm not keen on the hot air balloon ride. lol


  7. J'nell, we had a choice of going on this cruise or the next one which focused on a Scotland/Ireland itinerary. I was torn, but we ended up going with the one we did because it was a couple weeks earlier and we felt the weather would be better. As it turned out, the next cruise had a bit of rough weather and a few port changes, so I'm glad we stuck with the first. But Ireland and Scotland are definitely on our list. 🙂
    When is your baby due?


  8. Thank you, Patty. He's a wise man, my hubby. He tends to think outside the box. But this time, I think he just wasn't keen on being stuck in a hotel room while I slept, knowing there was a beautiful city just outside our door. lol


  9. Oh WOW, what a dream come true! Congrats!! A European tour is definitely on my bucket list. Gonna have to have some bestsellers to do it, but with God all things are possible! I'm so happy you got to take this dream trip! Thanks for sharing it with us.


  10. It is VERY beautiful. I'd say my latest incredible vacation was a steamboat trip up the Mississippi (YEARS ago – 15, maybe?). We started in New Orleans, and cruised up to Natchez, MS, Vicksburg MS, and a plantation – and then back down to New Orleans. The steamboat was wonderful and slow and delightful – and the sights were WONDERFUL. And the food was INSANELY good.


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