LOTS to LOVE about AMBERLY by Mary Elizabeth Hall

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Amberly, The Crestmere Series, Book 1
In a world that might have been… 
Snatched by coldblooded enemies as a declaration of war, Eleanor Williamston finds herself caught in a deadly snare-miles from home and lost in the wilderness. Her heart is drawn to the handsome palace guardsman who rescues her, but is torn when he challenges her political ideals-and then reveals something he’s kept hidden that will make her choice even more difficult. Marsten longs for a God-fearing wife, but cannot marry the lady he desires. The sassy young schoolteacher he rescues catches his eye, but he fears she’ll turn out to be like the beautiful women who’ve broken his trust in the past. Journey with them through the spectacular but treacherous Aspian Mountains while they evade enemy pursuit and wrestle through the challenges of wilderness and budding love, only to run headlong into Ellie’s anti-royalist family-and a whole new onslaught of foes. 

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“I’m beginning to wonder if you were truly abducted,” he chided again, “or just given away.”

Fast-paced, flirty dialogue and wonderfully vivid descriptions will whirl you away into the world of Bretalia.

“Behind them, pale violet mountains marched toward the distant horizon, and crows cawed while they circled. Mist rose in swirling ribbons from the water. Wildflowers swayed in a gentle breeze which stirred along the rocky bank, sending forth a fresh, earthy scent.”

When Marsten rescues Eleanor Williamston from an evil Norlander’s clutches, Eleanor can’t help but fall in love with the handsome royal guardsman. But as the daughter of Amberly’s mayor, an anti-royalist and Freedom Falcon leader, she’d grown up believing Bretalia would be better off without the Crown’s rule. Marsten strives to convince her that God ordained monarchy for her beloved country. She debates revealing her identity, and Marsten is keeping a few secrets of his own.

“Honor God through adversity–He’ll bless you for it…Life is but a breath–preparation for the next.”

Simple spiritual sentiments weaved throughout the story, not overbearing or preachy, but with gentleness and love, even as Marsten and Eleanor debate politics.

Although I felt the declaration of love occurred a bit too soon, that didn’t mean the conflict ended or that the romance resolved. No, the author just ramped up the conflict, all the way to the last page!

Fast and furious, with a compelling plot to keep your turning pages, Amberly is a great read for anytime of the day or year!

Disclosure: I purchased this book. All opinions in this review are my own, and I received no compensation.

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