M is for…MOVING Along

A month ago, I showed you a glimpse of the jumbled pile of wood in our back yard. If you missed it, you can catch up here, but basically, the abbreviated version is…

Hubby wants the smoker on the deck permanently, 
and he designed a counter/bar to house it. 
This is what he started with:

It’s just a pile of boards right now

But housing the smoker on the deck means we also need a cover, right? 

I don’t think that flimsy umbrella will work. What do you think? Bare bones, right?

Well, I promised updates, and here they are. Prepare to be awed. 🙂

What? You’re not impressed? 

Well, I am. Just looking at that hunk o’ man, sweating, that look of fierce concentration on his face…

Oops! Sorry. Got a bit off track. Admittedly not much progress has been made on the counter to my hubby’s chagrin. But truthfully the poor man has not had a single minute of spare time to work on this.

But, finally, we’re MOVING along on our deck! Take a look at this:

Sweet, huh? I think we may be ready to host Thanksgiving dinner outside on this beautiful deck. Even if it rains… 🙂

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18 thoughts on “M is for…MOVING Along

  1. Ah, that garage photo. I've seen that same stance and look on my hubby in the middle of a project. It's the “Lord, help me, I don't know what to do next” look. Kind of like the one you and I get when we're staring at the computer screen, ready to tear our hair out. 🙂 Good job!


  2. Thanks, Susan!

    But I'm thinking I need to issue a disclaimer here. Hubby's only doing the smoker bar. Although he's talented enough to do the deck, we hired a contractor. An hour or so in the eves and weekends would take hubby forever.


  3. Nice! Beautiful pics, Dora. I'm jealous. My hubby IS a contractor, so having watched him build various things (including our house), I know all too well how long these projects can take. Funny…they always go a lot quicker for other people. ;-]


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