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a health condition where a person is overly sensitive to noise, possibly every day sounds, that may be loud and painful to them, but not necessarily to others.
So that’s what I have? 

I’ve never been diagnosed by a physician with hyperacusis, but it wouldn’t take a doctor visit to confirm my hypersensitivity to noises. 

No, my diagnosis comes from years of wincing at various noises, of asking my hubby to turn the tv down or off, of him telling me that I’m speaking so softly that he can’t hear me. But when his voice booms, I feel like the whole restaurant can hear him, not just me. 

Can you listen to music in the car if there’s a conversation going on around you? Shaking my head here. I can’t even follow a GPS instruction if someone’s talking in my car.

Here are some noises I find soothing:
Clomp clomp of a horse’s hooves

Gurgling creek

Peaceful nature sounds around a lake

Obviously, water sounds soothe a person with this condition, but what about the opposite? What’s annoying?
A bus’s belch
Lots of people
More annoying noises:
Any siren
A saw blade’s whir as it slices through wood
Silverware clinking
An air conditioner that rattles
Any noise my car makes
Garbage truck as it empties cans or dumpsters
And a constant drip or a person chomping gum really sets me on edge. 

It’s not from aging because I’ve lived with it forever. I hope it’s not hereditary because just recently my grandson has been asking…

“What’s that noise, Meme?”

Can you relate to hyperacusis? What sounds do you find soothing? What about annoying?
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8 thoughts on “N for NOISE

  1. Sometimes noises really bother me – especially when I'm under stress and/or pressure. But, when I'm not, I'm pretty good at tuning out just about anything – which, by the way, is NOT always good LOL.


  2. Aww, that's a shame, Diana, but I totally relate. If you can't hear a person talking, there's not much fellowshipping going on, is there? I tend to avoid certain restaurants because the noise is just too bothersome. Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Yes, you're probably right, Karla. He only gives us what we can bear, right? He knew my tolerance level was fairly low. Wishing you a Son-kissed day, and have fun with NaNo! 🙂


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