PURE Amore…Sweet Romance, Pure Enjoyment ™

PURE…the new sexy! Celebrate purity with Pelican Book Group‘s newest line of sweet, hope-filled romances that will leave you “satisfied and smiling.” Featuring heroes and heroines between the ages of 21-33, never married and one or both a virgin, the stories center around two flawed individuals seeking to honor God in all areas of their lives, especially in ways society doesn’t often understand or value. Topping out at 45k words, these little goodies are the perfect size to snatch small reading bites during lunch breaks or while waiting to pick up your kidlets after school. Petite, yet bursting with emotional and romantic depth. 

Available by subscription, Pure Amore will release one delicious romance per month in e-book, paperback, or a paperback/e-book combination for one year beginning October 1, 2014. I’m thrilled to be a part of this new venture with Pelican Book Group, and over the next few weeks will feature all twelve books by six authors, in alphabetical order with the exception of my books, which I’ll save for last. This week, settle in with a giant mug of your favorite coffee or tea and enjoy Wendy Davy’s Just One Kiss and Flirting with Danger!


Just One Kiss
After acting on a dare and kissing the hottest guy at Granbury High, Molly Parker was left with a broken heart and a legacy she couldn’t live down; Dustin McKinley left town the very next day, taking her hopes and dreams along with him. A decade later…they meet again.  

Molly assures herself she won’t fall for Dustin’s charms this time, yet with his good looks and dimpled smile, guarding her heart proves to be more of a challenge than she ever expected.

When Dustin inherits his grandmother’s farmhouse he returns to Granbury intending to sell the property. However, he must first evict the tenant occupying the garage apartment—the woman he walked away from years ago and has never been able to forget.

 Dustin assures himself he’s doing what must be done, but when he reunites with Molly his attraction to her rekindles, jeopardizing his carefully constructed plans.


Flirting with Danger
As a repossession specialist, Gavin Sykes has the means to legally and morally do what he does best—take things that aren’t his. He thrives on repossessing high-end merchandise, hoping to atone for his shadowy past. But, even with all his experience, he never could have anticipated the future that awaits him.

When Sabrina Grady is hired to expedite the repossession process, she finally has the means to fulfill a promise she made long ago. New to the trade, what she lacks in experience she more than makes up for with courage, determination, and sheer willpower. While she expects Gavin to be a fierce competitor, she never could have anticipated his unwavering resolve or his intense desire to protect her.

Caught in a game of cat-and-mouse, Gavin and Sabrina must choose between seeking the thrill of the chase and seeking each other.


Wow! They sound fabulous, don’t they? And don’t you just adore the covers? Here’s the link to subscribeCome back next week to read about Date Night and Then and Now by uber talented Marianne Evans