PURE Amore…Sweet Romance, Pure Enjoyment ™

PURE…the new sexy! 

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been diving into Pelican Book Group‘s newest line, Pure Amore, sweet, hope-filled romances that will leave you “satisfied and smiling.” Featuring heroes and heroines between the ages of 21-33, never married and one or both a virgin, the stories center around two flawed individuals seeking to honor God in all areas of their lives, especially in ways society doesn’t often understand or value. They top out at 45k words, petite little gems bursting with emotional and romantic depth. 

Available by subscription, Pure Amore will release one delicious romance per month in e-book, paperback, or a paperback/e-book combination for one year beginning October 1, 2014. Fill your mug with some hot chocolate and settle back to enjoy At First Sight and Jingle Belle by the majorly talented Delia Latham.


At First Sight
Reagan Massey has gone through a great deal of trouble to make her cousin irresistible to the visiting single minister but things get a little sticky when Reagan falls in love with Cord Phillips herself…

Cord doesn’t believe in marital bliss after seeing the mockery his parents made of their vows. He’s promised himself he’ll live as the Apostle Paul lived, dedicating himself solely to God. When his heart turns traitor, Cord has to completely rethink his position on love.

Things around Riverbend House of Worship take on some humorous, heart-touching, soul-stirring twists and turns, with Reagan and Cord so busy getting in God’s way that they can’t see the path He has laid out for them to travel…together.

Jingle Belle
Jingle Belle Knowles is excited about the opportunity to write a Christmas jingle for a new restaurant in Pohono, Oklahoma—until she meets the company’s cocky PR man. Despite an immediate personality clash with much-too-handsome Italian Nick Santini, Belle finds herself irresistibly and unacceptably drawn to her insufferable client.

Nick isn’t pleased about working with the lovely jingle writer. But with a grand opening date just two weeks before Christmas, he and his brother need something to draw shoppers off the streets and into their Tuscan-themed restaurant. Given Belle’s stellar reputation, Nick makes up his mind to grit his teeth and get through the project.

They’re both adults. They’re both Christians. And they’re both determined to make the project a success. But when a passionate, self-assured, hard-headed Italian butts heads with a stubborn, auburn-haired, confident Irish spit-fire, the results could make for a highly chaotic Christmas season.


Sigh…don’t these two stories sound positively delish?? Here’s the link to subscribe. Be sure to check back next week when we’ll showcase Simple Blessings and Blackberry Ridge by the awesome Mary Manners. 

5 thoughts on “PURE Amore…Sweet Romance, Pure Enjoyment ™

  1. What a sweet surprise, Dora! Thank you! I'm very excited about this new imprint, and its potential to reach young hearts regarding something so important. Glad to be along on the journey! 🙂


  2. Hey, Tanya. I think because of the specific age restrictions, that one or both had to be a virgin, and the spiritual element distinguishes this line from sweet. Reagan and Belle? Or Delia and Dora? lol.


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