PURE Amore…Sweet Romance, Pure Enjoyment ™

PURE…the new sexy! 

Wow! It’s hard to believe that the first Pure Amore romance rolls out next week! I’m incredibly honored to be a part of this new venture with Pelican Book Group.

Over the last five weeks, we’ve showcased awesome stories by Wendy Davy, Marianne Evans, Delia Latham, Mary Manners, and Clare Revell. Featuring heroes and heroines between the ages of 21-33, never married and one or both a virgin, PURE Amore stories center around two flawed individuals seeking to honor God in all areas of their lives, especially in ways society doesn’t often understand or value. They top out at 45k words, petite little gems bursting with emotional and romantic depth. 

Available by subscription, Pure Amore will release one delicious romance per month in e-book, paperback, or a paperback/e-book combination for one year beginning October 1, 2014. Squeal! Yes, that’s next Wednesday!

For now, fill your mug with some English Toffee coffee (my favorite!) and settle back in your recliner for a glimpse at When Hope Rises and When Love Triumphs, written by…me. 🙂


When Hope Rises
Art teacher Shelby Coltman transforms junk into treasure and longs for a place to showcase her creations. She’s thrilled when her friend volunteers to room with her. Shelby can finally buy a storefront. Unfortunately, Kennedi’s brother can’t seem to let go.

Abandoned as a teenager, guidance counselor Tate Malone has become surrogate and over-protective father to his sister. Life is great until Shelby Coltman wheedles his impressionable sister into sharing an apartment. Raised in wealth, the beautiful Shelby could never understand poverty or rejection, and Tate doesn’t appreciate her uprooting his sister.

When Shelby hands over her savings to a homeless student, will God obliterate Tate’s fears and deliver all of Shelby’s dreams…When Hope Rises…


When Love Triumphs
Police Officer Winter Evan and Navy SEAL Tanner Random are wrong for each other. Winter fears the water. Tanner skims through seas for a living. So four years ago, Winter convinced herself she’d be better off not worrying about his months at sea and his increased cajoling for physical intimacy. But when she walked away, she lost a giant chunk of her heart.

Now Tanner’s back in town to care for his abandoned niece. No longer a SEAL, he’s sticking to the safety of the North Carolina mountains as a paramedic. Should Winter risk losing her heart all over again? Will God help them build what started years ago into something solid and secure? When Love Triumphs…

I’ve really enjoyed these peeks into the precious romances offered in the PURE line. I hope you have, too. If you haven’t already subscribed, here’s the link: subscribe. Don’t miss out! PURE Amore…Sweet Romance, Pure Enjoyment™ starts next week!

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