Teaser Saturday

“I should have known.”
“Should have known what?” Her voice came out soft, silky, refreshing as a tall glass of iced tea on a hot summer day.
“That you would be the one bringing them home. You’re a softie inside, you know that?”
He stepped close. Close enough for him to know that she had a cinnamon mint in her mouth, close enough to see the sheen glazing from those luscious jade eyes.
Winter narrowed her brows and glanced frantically in both directions. “Sheesh! Don’t let anybody hear you say that. You’ll ruin my reputation.”
Her face lifted up to his, her cheeks puffy with amusement, her eyes shining with joy.
“Your reputation? You mean spending all your off-duty hours helping a family be able to bring their children back home? Or the hard core cop image you show to the world? Which one, Winter?”
Her face softened, bringing that vulnerability she only showed occasionally, exposing her true beauty. Beauty that shone from the inside, from that huge heart of hers.
The banging, the laughter and tears, the hugging and slapping all faded into background noise, leaving just him and Winter, standing under the shade of a massive oak tree.
Tree branches swayed in the soft breeze, the leaves shimmering with beauty and strength, but fragile in the heavy winds and storms.
Just like Winter.
Sturdy and strong on the outside, but the inside?
Inside she harbored a fragile, gentle soul. One that suffered when the storms of life hit her at such a young age.
He leaned closer and flicked a wisp of hair that floated loose from her ponytail behind an ear. He held his breath, wanting to capture this moment, this picture of her, forever in his head.
Not just the midnight blue shorts and ruffled white top she wore. No, he wanted the essence of Winter. Her spirit of kindness and reconciliation. Her desire to heal fractured families. Her generous heart.
        If he were an artist, that’s what he would paint.

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