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She gazed up at him, those luscious, forest-green eyes trusting, glowing with pleasure. Her spicy fruit and floral scent drifted up to him, and suddenly, he wanted nothing more than to kiss those strawberry red lips.

His arm tightened around her, and he tugged her up, bringing their torsos together so close that their breaths mingled and they became one form against the ice. Her eyes widened, and then her dark lashes rested against ivory cheeks.

Was she really inviting him to kiss her? But she didn’t know…didn’t know what he did for a living now. And shouldn’t he apologize first for stealing her dreams with his impetuous choice?

“I’m sorry, Chaney.” His voice came out husky, overflowing with broken dreams and pent-up longing. All he’d ever really wanted in life had been his faith, Chaney, and skating.

He had reconciled with God over the lost years. Had even picked up his skates again, and this time, no one could stop him from skating. But Chaney? He was probably the last person she wanted in her life right now.

Her lids flashed open, and her chest lifted with a sigh. Her hand floated up to cradle his cheek, her palm smooth against the rough smattering of whiskers. “It’s OK, Conner. You need to let it go. I have.”

“Have you? Really?”
That little gem is from Christmas in the Rink, a Christmas Extravaganza romance available on December 1st with Pelican Book Group

It’s bursting with family and laughter, sprinkled with grace and forgiveness, and weaved with reclaimed joy and rekindled faith. If you enjoy curling up in front of the fireplace with stories like this and you’d be willing to post an honest review at your favorite online hangouts, email me at Dora(at)DoraHiers(dot)com for a PDF copy. I only have a handful of review copies, so don’t wait! 

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“Washed up Olympic hopeful looking for part time mechanic’s job.”

Not quite the glamorous life Conner Weddington envisioned during those countless hours of high school skating practices; but after his mother’s untimely death on Christmas Day, Conner joined the Army and left everything behind, including the father who despised his dreams, and his beautiful skate partner, Chaney Mitchum.

Chaney Mitchum understands why Conner left, but he stole her Olympic aspirations along with her heart. She’s never matched that graceful rhythm with another partner, so with her dreams squelched and an adorable niece who requires her attention, Chaney fills her days with diapers and students, not pleasure skating or romance.

Now that Conner’s back in town, will he reclaim the joy he once felt about Christmas and faith? Can Chaney and Conner rediscover their poetic elegance on the ice?