On My Kindle ~ Jingle Belle by Delia Latham

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What happens when you cross an ambitious chauvinistic Italian restaurateur with a successful ad writer? A spectacular fireworks display followed by a romance sweeter than Cannoli.

Nick Santini locks wills with jingle writer, Belle Knowles, when her catchy promo isn’t up to his standard. How dare he insinuate her work isn’t good enough! With her reputation on the line, Belle gets to work, determined to satisfy every customer, even one as stubborn as Nick. Each deals with different issues: Nick, lingering effects of a childhood trauma, and Belle, pride. 

Just like I’d savor a serving of lasagna, taking one delicious bite after another, the onions and tomato sauce, the cheeses and pasta melting in my mouth, I enjoyed peeling back the emotional layers of Nick and Belle, whose chemistry sparkled and danced from the very first page. 

With a playful cover and catchy title, three-dimensional characters, and an enchanting story weaved with a strong faith message, Jingle Belle is a fabulous book to curl up with over the holidays! 

Disclaimer: I purchased Jingle Belle. The opinions expressed in this review are my own, and I received no monetary compensation.

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