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The Cover Story~

A stranger arrives on the Donovan ranch just one breath away from dead. Matt Donovan does not hesitate to help, despite her unknown past. What happened to this woman? Who is she? Will the man who shot her come riding down the trail after her, shattering peaceful Glenpark, Colorado?

When Cristeen wakes, she can remember nothing of her past. Only one thought haunts her day and night: trust no one. Matt fears Cristeen’s fierce independence will lead only to tragedy. Can he help Cristeen see the need to trust the Lord before it is too late? Can Cristeen overcome her belief that loving can only bring heartache?

Then a madman bent on revenge tracks her down. Matt cannot rescue Cristeen this time. Only the Lord can save her now…if she has enough faith to trust. Can she overcome the past and learn to trust?

My Thoughts~
I must confess I was reluctant to pick up this book because of the title, but I needn’t have hesitated. Cristeen rarely speaks Celtic, just a couple occasions, but the title comes from her constant fiddling of a Celtic cross, a gift from her mother. Fiercely independent but lacking self-esteem, she grew up trying to be the son her father wanted and is more comfortable in the barn hanging out with the horses than inside a kitchen. Matt Donovan watched his mother wilt and die on the ranch and vowed never to marry a woman who didn’t love the secluded ranch life as much as he did. 

I enjoyed the unusual way the author segued into new chapters, and that this was a love story from beginning to end. But while Matt and Cristeen are drawn to each other, both must overcome internal obstacles.

“I can hire a housekeeper. That’s not what I was looking for. I want a ‘heart-keeper.'” ~Matt

Don’t you just love that? I appreciated the gentle faith thread weaved in this sweet romance. In some areas, head-hopping had me a little confused, but overall, Celtic Cross kept me turning pages because I cared about the characters and wanted them to have their happily-ever-after. 

Disclaimer: I purchased a copy of Celtic Cross. The opinions expressed in this review are my own, and I received no monetary compensation.

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