Travel or work? Which would you choose?

Some people enjoy hanging out on the beach in the summer, baking in the sun

Not us. We head to the mountains, where the temperature drops a solid twenty degrees.

Where we can kick up our feet and soak in the view.

Where there’s nothing on the agenda except sipping coffee, walking the dog and reading. 

Where the crows caw, and swans, ducks and geese share the same space without squabbling.

Where the soft breeze kisses my skin, the fog clings to the mountain tops, and lazy pewter clouds drift by. Where it’s green and lush, full of life and energy, yet whispers peace to my soul. 

Everybody needs a space that rejuvenates them, right? This is mine. 

Imagine the books I could crank out if I lived in this environment! Inspiration, peace, beauty, nature…what more could a writer ask for? It’s a romance writer’s dream!

I tried to sweet talk hubby into renting a cabin for an entire month next year. But, he’s not quite ready for thirty days with no radio, no pager, no fire calls, and no internet. 
After close to 40 years in the fire service, he still loves to work. He needs social interaction and thrives on…noise. Who’d have guessed? 🙂
What about you?
Travel or work? Beach or mountains?

10 thoughts on “Travel or work? Which would you choose?

  1. What beautiful pictures, Dora…jealous in the nicest way. Oh, I do like vacationing in Hawaii, but…like you, I think I find my soul in the mountains. Closer to God, maybe. Great post today! xox


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