Fort Fun

I confess I’m not a history buff, but when I encounter intriguing places like this Turkish fort in Crete, my writer’s brain fires off endless questions. How many people lived inside these walls? Were they mostly all soldiers or were citizens allowed? How many romances developed between the soldiers and the people who lived nearby? What did their living quarters look like? What did they do on a normal day? What kind of clothes/uniforms did they wear? How much time did it take to build this fort and for what purpose?

What about you? What questions come to your mind? Do you enjoy visiting historical sites?

2 thoughts on “Fort Fun

  1. I love visiting historical places and museums! We have several of these types of forts here in the U.S. Though the ones I’ve been to haven’t been as elaborate as the one in your photo, they are interesting. And, yes, they do spark writerly questions!

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  2. I love nothing more than to visit historically laden sites, I often find myself wondering if those players in the “drama” knew they were doing something at “this” site that was larger than them.


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