Excited about Reading: MUST-HAVE HUSBAND by Ginny Baird

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The Cover Story~
Fall for Love. Take a Chance…

City girl Connie Oliver has a hard time hanging on to men, grooms in particular. Just nine weeks before her wedding, she’s seen another one slip away. To make matters worse, her ailing grandfather’s eightieth birthday is approaching, and he has one final wish: to see his last granddaughter married in the historic wedding gown that was first worn by his late wife and has been a family tradition for years. When her sister takes Connie on a girls’ getaway in the wild to soothe her latest heartache, she quips that Connie wouldn’t know a decent man if he fell on her. So, when a handsome stranger drops out of the trees, Connie’s got to wonder whether he’s some sort of madman – or an answer to her prayers.

Rugged outdoorsman “Mac” McCormack is down on his luck after having just lost his camping store in a forest fire. So he hits the trail to forget his woes and plot his next move. Little does Mac expect the fates to deliver an angel with a predicament in need of his skills. With Connie desiring a groom and Mac requiring a down payment, their meeting seems fortuitously timed. But how far will Mac be willing to go once he learns play-acting for the Olivers is not such smooth sailing? Despite the mishaps and mayhem that ensue, can Connie and Mac achieve an authentic happy ending? That all depends on whether both of their hearts can take a chance.

Sharing my takeaway~
After her latest fiance dumped her (#3 or 4?), Connie Oliver needs a groom and a wedding to satisfy her beloved grandfather. Mac McCormack needs money to rebuild his camping store after a forest fire destroyed it. Their cute meet in the wilderness extends to Mac masquerading as her fiance in exchange for enough money to begin the rebuilding.

“Sometimes you had to make sacrifices in order to achieve your goals.”

This was the first book that I’ve read by Ginny Baird, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Tagged “A sweet, traditional PG-rated romantic comedy” perhaps I should’ve, but this was laugh-out-loud funny

At 113 pages, including previews of other books, Must-Have Husband is a quick read, definitely PG but not in a turn-the-page-quick kinda way, and not heavy or meaty in plot or character development or even romance. I would’ve liked more pages, more time for the romance to develop. But I’ve been in a reading rut lately. Sometimes you just need something different, you know? This short read was the perfect prescription for me.

Because of its petite size and zippy dialog, it’s a light, fun read to while away an hour or so. I’ll definitely look through Baird’s other books for more laugh-out-loud enjoyment!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book while it was offered free on Amazon. I was in no way compensated for my fair and unbiased review. 

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