ROPING THE MARSHAL – #Free on #Kindle


After her not-so-friendly divorce, freelance photographer Summer Kyleson moved to Texas, intent on putting a little distance between her and her irresponsible ex-husband. She sets her heart on marrying a cowboy, someone kind and hardworking, a family man who’d be a good daddy to Logan. All things her ex-husband isn’t. Rugged and sexy didn’t work for her, and another law enforcement officer hubby ranks dead last on her list.

Deputy US Marshal Maverick Kester knows he disappointed his father when he chose law enforcement over ranching, but Maverick wasn’t cut out for long hours on the back of a horse. Now, with fractured ribs and a wounded spirit, he seeks refuge at his family home, Kester Ranch, but peace is elusive with Summer’s three-year-old terror roaming the grounds. It doesn’t take long and the little guy ropes his heart, just like Logan’s mama.

When Maverick gave up ranching, had he also sacrificed true love and a chance for a family? Will he convince Summer to relinquish her dreams of marrying a cowboy and allow him to be a father to her son?

Sweet romance that sizzles! Kester Ranch Cowboys series…cowboys, kids and kisses on a Texas ranch.

Roping the Marshal is a sweet contemporary romance set on a Texas ranch. Roping the Marshal is #2 in the Kester Ranch Cowboys series, but all three books in the series can be read as standalone. No cliff hangers!

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Roping the Cowboy #1
Roping the Marshal #2
Roping the Daddy #3, coming soon